Ways to have more time as a working mom?

As a working mom there are so many that have to be juggled. Here is some tips on how to keep them all in the air and find some time for…..cappucinos and relaxing!

Household chores

Instead of spending a whole day, which tends to be our day off or on weekends, clean a bit of your house or flat everyday so that by the time the weekend comes, your house is clean

Plan, shop and buy for meals for the whole week and take one afternoon or evening, I usually find Sundays easier, and cook meals for each night of the week. Put them into containers, label the containers and put them in the freezer. Then instead of spending time trying to cook with your little one vying for your attention, all you will have to do is pop it into the microwave or oven and you can spend more time with your child and partner instead.

Rope your partner in to share the responsibility of the household. Most modern men are pretty good with this but sometimes don’t realise just exactly how much pressure is on us moms. Make up a chore list, stick it on the fridge and alternate as needed. This will help to share the load. If your partner is one of those people that don’t believe in helping, contact me and I can give you some good tips on getting them to help. If I had to put them here it would give the game away would it not?

Pre-school, crèche and day care

Packing your childs bags for school the night before will save you a lot of time in the morning. Put the bag at the door, in the car or somewhere that you will remember to look. If you want to pack snacks that have been in the fridge, pop them in the bag in the morning. This will give you some more time to do something else. If you have bottles to wash, wash most of them the night before as well and then you only have one to wash in the morning!

Put a list of your childs activities on your fridge or scan and email them to yourself . You can then load them into your calendar on your phone or computer with a reminder and this will help to combat baking cookies at 01:00 because you forgot about the bake sale the following day!

Animal Crackers!

Getting ready for work

Some kids can be quite understanding about their moms getting ready for work, others not so. Put some toys in a box or fill containers with things that your child can fiddle with while you get ready. Talk to them while you dress and this will show that them that they still have your attention and might give you a few free minutes to do your make-up and things that you need to do.

In the car

Always have an “emergency work supply” kit in the car. Mine contains a mascaras, hairbrush, eyeshadow,  foundation, wet wipes, nappies, bum cream and an extra pair of shoes that can match with all my clothes. I have these for those days when I am in a rush and forget to put mascara on or get distracted and forget to brush my hair. It is also handy to have spare baby/toddler things in the car as if you are going elsewhere after picking your child up, you don’t always know what is left from the day at school. It can cause some interesting moments when you think there are nappies left, your little one makes a no.2 and you realise in the changing room that there are no nappies left! Been there and done that and I can assure you it can change your plans quite a bit! Be prepared is what I say! I recently also saw the importance of this when a fellow mom at creche, had her little one puke all over her…she had 20 minutes to get him to his Gran’s house, get changed and had a meeting in 20 minutes……..

All in all look for those little things to make your day that little bit sweeter and less dramatic! Good Luck Mommy

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