Well the race to find the rest of the family has been on and to be honest hubby has once again proven to me that I never want to be stalked by him as he will find out everything about you except for what you had for dinner! The man is really good at this and this is the second time that he has managed to find a family member via the net and how he does it only he will know. So the update on finding the family is that through this person that hubby found, we will now have the whole family history and apparently his family are descendants of a family that was part of the Italian Mafia at one stage! Godfather here we come!

Bella and her German Measles are driving me slightly batty and I must say that it is only at night as the poor thing coughs and coughs and I try to be as patient as I can at being woken up for the 8th time but mama got to work the next day while Madame can have a nap and so I get a little cranky with her and then feel bad. Shame not her fault she looks like a polka dot! πŸ˜‰ Anyway the spots are starting to clear and soon she can go back to school and see all her friends again who she is missing.

On a more β€œMe” note, I am trying to do the things on my list so that I can try to have them all done before 30 and to be honest I have quite a few to go! We are going to take part in a car boot s sale on Saturday, something I have never done before and I am really looking forward to it! Going to make paper banners and make it all festive and country market like. This mama may even make fudge or some lekka treats to sell! Watch this space for pictures! Off to go and clean some more cupboards so that I can get some stock! Heehee!

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