When you are pregnant you people will tell you to remember that you are eating for two and but to eat in moderation. I always used to wonder what that meant, I mean if the baby wants 3 beetroot and jam sandwiches, let her have it! I’m not a real milk chocolate fan and will eat one maybe once in two months if that but when I was pregnant you could not keep me away from them.  I would make hubby get up at 2am to go with me to the 24 hour McDonalds to buy chocolate sundaes with extra sauce. Now I can’t even stomach the one with the normal amount of sauce. I know chocolate isn’t good when pregnant but I could not help it! Hubby almost bought shares in Nestle and Cadbury and not to even speak about Aero’s.

Fast forward a few months and I have a bouncing baby girl and a nice bouncing tire around my waist that wasn’t there before her. To be honest I didn’t put on that much weight but that which I did was enough. I was so preoccupied with being a mom that I actually forgot to look after my weight and one or two extra kilos joined the mileage to the tire. Fast forward two years and thanks to a diet that works (insert a real pain in the bottom). My friend Francois advice and Zumba on our Wii, I have lost all the pregnancy weight and the 2kg that I gained from giving up smoking (p.s I craved chocolates when I stopped but apparently this is normal).  I actually had to give away all my pregnancy clothes a while back because just to look at them upset me! Did I really fit into those tents?

I have decided that should I have another child, I will eat for two and in moderation. Hopefully with next baba I will be able to stomach chicken and not throw up from it. I will try to stay away from the chocolates and join a mommy preggie class so that when baby does come, the tire won’t be there afterwards to remind me of being pregnant. If I don’t remember this I will have to come back to this post to remind myself, that is if I don’t get bad porridge brain again! 😉

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