Here is a quick and easy snack recipe that you can make for friends and children alike and it’s easy enough that you can vary it according to your tastes. It can also be given to children with milk allergies but please do read the packaging of the puff pastry to ensure that it doesn’t contain diary and use Spray and Cook or oil to coat the dish.

Marmite Puffs


•One packet readymade Puff Pastry like Today Puff Pastry
•Spray and cook/ tsp oil or butter

  1. Method:
    1. Let the puff pastry thaw and when it is nice and soft, roll it out flat onto a
    chopping board or flat surface.
    2. Preheat your oven or convection microwave to 200”C (degrees Celsius)
    3. Spray Spray and Cook onto your flat dish that will be going into the microwave
    or oven. If you don’t have Spray and Cook, use a little bit of oil or butter
    and spread this over the dish so that the puff pastry doesn’t stick.
    4. Take a sharp knife and cut the puff pastry into long strips and then divide the
    long strips into smaller slices, about the length of your thumb.
    5. Spread the marmite onto the smaller strips according to taste (I like a lot of
    Marmite so I put it on quite thick)
    6. Put the Marmite strips onto the dish and put them into the oven/microwave and
    bake them until they rise and become a nice golden colour.
    7. When they are done, take them out of the oven using an oven gloves or a cloth
    so that you don’t burn your hands on the dish.

They can be served warm or cold, but I prefer them cold so I leave them to cool
before giving them out. I unfortunately don’t have any after pictures as they always seem to disappear before I can take them!

  • Variations:
    •You can also use cumin seeds, cheese spread or curry powder instead of the Marmite.
    •For something fancier, follow steps 1-3 and 5 and take a packet of chips and break
    them into fine pieces and put them into a bowl. Chutney, lamb and salt and vinegar
    chips work the best! Beat an egg in a separate bowl and then dip the puff pastry
    strips into the egg mix and then into the chips covering the strips with chips.
    Holding the end sides of the puff pastry, give them a slight turn so that they twist
    a bit and then put them onto your microwave or oven dish and take them out when they
    are a nice golden brown colour and follow step 7.
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