I belong to a mommy group on Facebook and this morning there was a post posted anonymous through the group admin for a mommy talking about the fact that she didn’t have enough food to feed her child and that she was worried about the state of her cupboards. She asked for any money donations to be made so that she could buy something for her child to eat. A little while later another mom posted that the first mom was actually not in such dire need as she claimed as she refused to take anything but money, not even food donations would suffice. If you were that desperate, you would take anything and people with children will always try to look out for others as your maternal and paternal strings are pulled.

This leads me to think about all the charities and people out there that do actually need donations and money to run. There are so many people out there that are preying on the feelings of others so that they can cash in on the bucks and score by putting the money into their own pockets and not actually for any charity. But who suffers? The people that actually need it of course as people start becoming suspicious of everyone around them and hence charities get less and less. It does also not help that the economy is in the state that it is in and more people are struggling with the prices going up so badly, especially since this jolly truck strike!

My mother always says that the wheel will turn and those people that are swindling money out of unexpecting people will get their day and their problem will be that no one will believe them when they come looking for handouts, definitely not from me!

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