I’m sitting on the couch with a warm cup of coffee and listening to the rain fall on the roof and I feel at peace. This week has been a very interesting one for me with so many random things happening that it almost makes me want to giggle. What a week!

I’ve gone from doing a training course and writing my first test in nearly 2 years (found out today I passed with 93%) to going dancing with my sister and some friends until 5am while B has been at her daddy’s house.   The last time I did that was before I was pregnant! From being surrounded by people for days to being comfortable enough in my own skin to go for breakfast and a movie alone. Oh and how I loved the movie! I am a bit of a super hero fan and watched Wolverine and really enjoyed it! It was the perfect ending to a really busy weekend and some real bonding time with some fab people! I even got a new nickname which I shall not delve into as that is another whole story in itself!

This weekend actually came at a good time too because during last week, I have been the brunt of a nasty “joke” about being divorced and why my ex left, a few guys making comments that are inappropriate because I have no man to “defend” me and some d*ckhead that thought he could say and do what he wanted to me and well this mama’s claws came out and I put him on his place. For me to say that then you gotta know what he did was really bad cause I am a very placid and easy going person! I have learnt to defend myself and to stand on my own two feet and well I like I said before, I am changing. This mama had to grow up real fast and some of the ways I reacted in the past, well, they are in the past. Like one friend said, “you are on a ladder, keep going up”.  I also have to be more of a role model for B because I am the person she sees the most and she copies what I do and I want her to grow up into a strong woman.

I am teaching her to speak more about her feelings and that it is ok to feel things! I have been teaching her that it is ok to ask for help and the other day when I could not find something in the shop, she said “Ask the aunty Mommy” and I had to remember how old she as I picked up my jaw from the ground! Can’t believe that she is turning 3 in November! Don’t think I’m going to have a big party for her again as I did last year with 25 kids, this year will be a small one with only her besties and those kids that she gets along with really well! Wanna know a weird thing? I used to have this big thing for cute owls and her whole party was owl themed. Now if you look in shops for kids and décor places, have you noticed how many places sell things with owls especially Mr Price Home? Heehee!

Anyway off to bed with me tomorrow is going to be a long day and I can’t wait for Friday, the public holiday! J Have a great day peeps!


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