I realized this evening that I have not blogged in a while and that posting them in my head doesn’t exactly count…This month I’ve been a Cowgirl!

Lately there has been a show down happening. Let me set the scene: imagine a hot dessert town, the wind blowing and ladies gathering their children in their skirts to keep them away from danger. Two cowgirls approach each other, one with skinny jeans, a cowboy hat and a tight corset, the other round with stubby legs and digital eyes. They call the stubby girl “The Scale” and the other girl Abbi. Cue music and men coming out of bars to see the commotion. Abbi draws and shoots “The Scale” right between the eyes so that it drops 7kg off its figures but not before it takes a shot and hits the buttons on Abbi’s corset and out pops what was left of her tummy! Yes the scale and I have been fighting lately but I have managed to loose 7kgs. At the moment I’m on the 28 day diet and to be honest I’ve cheated so much I make an American politician look trustworthy! But all good things come to those that wait so I’m going to keep working on it.

Cowgirl takes on The Scale

I also fell head over heads for a cute boy with a cute smile and then found my feet. You win some you loose some but at least one learns…

B and I have been having some interesting adventures i.e we went camping and did some really Mommy and Me things. Lately though I have been a bit distracted with other things happening and she has been such a trooper about it! #Lovemykid!

Right that’s an update for now, I kinda got over what was stopping my blog before so it should get better now!

Sleep tight!


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