Today I went out for supper with some friends (B is at her dad’s house) and having had 3 cappuccinos today, I can’t sleep! Buts not a bad thing, it just means I’m in a thinking mood and my nails have benefited as they were done while watching a movie! Heehaw one of those nights. People have been asking me when another blog post is going to be coming but I have written so many in my head lately that I figured I should write some of this down!

I made a friend a while ago and we have been speaking about a lot of subjects of late and one is work. I realize that I have become ambitious again. I have a plan that I am working on and although it won’t be overnight, I am going to get somewhere. My career is starting to take off again and although my job isn’t the most stress-free, I am learning so much and having to use the brain God gave me, that I can see a way forward for B and I. I am also starting to enjoy all the different projects that I run and I like the way that things are going forward. This includes you little blog, you are going to be getting some more blogs on a regular basis and I will start to work on the hard plan that I had set out for you! My following on Pinterest is growing by the day and I find get a fright when I see how many of my blog posts are getting repined! J Go Baby Bugs Go!

The other thing that he also helped me to realize is that sometimes what you see isn’t always what you get. He is what they call a “Realist” and funny enough; the man has made me see through a few funny situations. This has been quite a different concept for me as I am a, for a lack of a better word, “Dreamist” and my eyes have been slowly going open. Now don’t misunderstand me, I still believe in love and the beauty of things but for the first time in my life, I don’t just trust people at face value, I look closer first. This doesn’t mean that I have mistrust in people but I don’t just offer up my heart on my sleeve anymore. Do I still daydream, oh hell yeah.  Am I working on what T told me to do, jip everyday! Do I still read a book now and then and go to a far away land, you better believe it. I think that I am just starting to see what is real again because I have had so many things around me in the past few months that haven’t been.

The past few months have been so different. When B is away, my calendar is full and when she is with me, especially on weekends, we always seem to get invited somewhere or doing something. Even if it is just going for breakfast at Spur, just the two of us and sharing the breakfast special that they have. One of my best friends is also home from Miami and I have missed him dearly. It has been so great to spend time with him again.

I think it’s time that I set a few goals again for myself, like real attainable ones that are going to have to be completed at a certain date. Hmm watch this space, they are coming! P.S, one is to start blogging more!




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