With Bella’s birthday coming up, her birthday cake is looming ahead of me like an exam that I am not really sure about! My hubby would say, “A cake, please come on man”, but the cake that I am going to try and make is the biggest I have ever made and includes fondant!

The baking part of it I am fine with, that isn’t the hard part but I want to have a 2 tier cake and that is the part that is daunting to me! How am I going to get this monster to stay upright and not fall down?  I have one or two ideas and have gotten some tips from other people but boy oh boy this cake better play along with me! It will be the first time I have ever tried anything  this large when it comes to cakes so I am a little concerned about it but holding thumbs that it will be fine.  Luckily I will have my trusty bestie Michelle and my mom to help so that I don’t stress about the little things and get the cake done on time. The decorations for it are done as is the colouring of the fondant but what is going to be interesting is putting them all together so that they fit. This is my challenge for the party and something that I want to try and do but do correctly and not make a silly nana of myself. So wish me luck and I will post pics of it once it is done!

If you have any cake baking tips, please let me know!

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