Tomorrow Bella is going for a childs haircut and while this sound like a run of the mill thing to you, in our house this is massive as he daddy doesn’t like her hair to be cut. He does the fringe (while mom winces slightly at the um pottiness of it but would never say a word) and the rest is left like is for the “professionals” to do it. The reason for this is that one hairdresser cut so much off her hair that she cut off all Bella’s curls and when it grew back it grew with a vengeance. Since that incident it has been cut once more and not really to mommy’s satisfaction as I think it needs to be shorter and even that took some doing. Bella is like her daddy and gets hot very quickly so she sweats. Madame also hates having her hair brushed and although hubby does do it a lot, it is often my task to negotiate those stubborn knots that seem to creep into her hair while she sleeps.

This got me thinking about the whole certificate thing that the salons give you with your child’s first haircut, extra of course, and the lock of hair tied with a ribbon. The first haircut Bella ever got was from this mama and it took everyone 2 weeks to notice that it had been done as I did such a good job; they just thought she had become more beautiful overnight. I wasn’t sentimental about it and didn’t keep anything and don’t regret not doing it? Daddy forgets that Madame’s haircut is almost the same price as his as there are so few kiddie hairdressers that they can charge what they want!

Oh well, wish me luck for tomorrow and hope that my child comes back looking like a human being and not a little Martian or Alfalfa as we are going to a new hairdresser! Dad may need to take a few um…um…calming breaths when we get home just in case it’s not the way it should be!

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