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Society has taught us that mothers should be on top of their game, be good at everything that they do and be the perfect role model for our children. We should have a clean house and everything should be on its place or nice and tidy. We should live for our children. While I agree with some of this I do also think that there is more to it,

Most mothers will not admit to having days when they aren’t in control and things seem to go at a mad pace. Sometimes its work, sometimes its life in general but sometimes it is our kids. We have so many roles to play that sometimes we forget who the actor is, ourselves. We are the wives or girlfriends and play the role of friend and lover in that aspect. We are the care-takers, cooks, cleaners and nurses for our children as well as our partners. We are the employee or boss at work and have to do a different role there. With so many balls in the air, when do we get time to spend on ourselves? When do we take care of us?

I can honestly say that sometimes I have to take a time out for myself and just spend time with me and not thinking of everyone else. Some days it might be on the way to work playing my favourite songs at full blast, some days it is when Bella is asleep but if I don’t do it, I can feel that everyone else around me starts to feel it too. That is often what we as mothers forget; that to be able to look after everyone else, we need to take care of ourselves. If we feel flu coming on, not to just keep going but to take the rest we need to be able to give our bodies the time it needs to rest. I am as guilty as the other mothers that I know but I have made a stand and I am starting to slowly spend more time on myself, to find the bits of me that were there before Bella and motherhood. My husband isn’t complaining and says I look better which in turn makes me feel better! When I have a day where things aren’t in control, I try to find something to laugh about or speak to a dear friend Kirsten who is also a mom and we bounce ideas or feelings off each other.

The morale of the story is that it is ok to have a bad day; it is ok to for things to be out of control and to accept that they are and deal with them accordingly. It’s ok if there is a cup or dishes from the night before as you fell asleep by mistake and didn’t do them. We as mothers shouldn’t beat ourselves up or allow others to do that. You are the best actress in the world with all the roles that you pay and there should be a daily award given to each and every mom out there! You are fabulous!


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