There are many things in life that can drive you crazy, toe nails been run down your leg, nails on chalk boards or worst stillsomeone eating ear wax but these are still within reason compared to allergies.When I was pregnant with Bella I read about this and thought that it would never happen to me but sadly I was mistaken and it did. Bella has a milk allergy as well as a nut allergy and dust can create quite a few interesting moments. The thing is that one can still deal with the dust but in South Africa there aren’t many chain store or big supermarkets that sell foods without these things in them unless you are prepared to pay a lot more and for the average Joe on the street, this isn’t always possible. So I have been Goggling and figuring out ways that I can create recipes for Bella so that she can also eat meals with us that we can all enjoy. Add to the equation that she is also a fussy eater and you have quite a bit of work on your hands!

I have found that Spar has the best soya milk (their own brand) and it can be substituted for diary milk in recipes. Butter and margarine can be replaced by milk free margarine but I always have to read the label as although it can say it’s made from vegetable oil, there are often milk substitutes in the products. Using milk free margarine has been brilliant as I can use it for cakes, breads and anything that it needs to be replaced for.

If you or your kiddie also has allergies, let me know and I can send you some recipes that I have found to work! 🙂 Who knows, maybe you have one that I will like too! 🙂


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