I recently turned 30 and I did an Alice in Wonderland party come Made Hatters tea party theme and I was the Queen of Hearts! It was really a beautiful day but like all my really special days, the wind nearly blew us away!I made all sorts of cute decorations like a heart garland, a card garland, cards to throw on the table and to be honest; the wind was so bad that they lost some of their effect! The most important thing I realised was that the special people in my life were there and it didn’t matter that it wasn’t a 100% like I wanted it to look like, especially after the jolly table cloths kept whipping up and hitting the cupcakes so that the white table cloth became covered in icing! I just had to laugh and take them off!

What did I make?

I made this Maraschino cherry cake that I found here and to be honest, the icing needed a really strong beater so if you are going to make it, keep that in mind! The cake was moist, juicy and something that I had never had before but as I love cherries, I had to try it! You can colour the cake batter any colour that you want but as my colours were red and blue (I was the Queen of Hearts) I made it red!

Alice in Wonderland/Mad Hatter's Teaparty

I also made lemon-meringue cupcakes sprinkled with heart things which were really pretty and oh so yummy to eat! I like to make things that are different and so made all sorts of interesting cupcakes, decorated cookies with “Eat me” on them and coloured jugs of water blue so that it looked all interesting! I also took old jam, pickle and mason jars and filled them with sweets and designed labels to say “Eat me” and tied them on with little ribbons onto the bottles and filled them with sweets  for the kids to eat (uhm the adults to eat!). I also made “Drink me” labels and tied these on ribbons and around the jugs! These I will put in another post so keep an eye out for them.

I also made cute bunny cookies and decorated them with Royal Icing and flooded them to look like real bunnies. If you do decide to make them, please remember that it does take a few hours to dry and to do! I used a chocolate writing pen to write words on the cookies so that they also said “Eat me” and with B around, she didn’t need too much incentive!

Now off to do the decorations for the pink butterfly party for a two year old girl that I am making! Wish me luck; I have never seen so many butterflies in my house at once!


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