Oh-Lief in English means Oh Love and after using these products, it is love!


I used to be interested by natural products but since becoming a mom, I read every label and try to make sure that everything I use for Bella is as healthy as I can get it. Also as Bella has allergies, I have to be careful as to what I use on her.

I found Oh-Lief at a baby expo that I went to and it is fantastic with so many uses for it! Made by a mom and her sister using a family recipe and only natural products, these ladies have a winning formula. I have used the Oh-Lief Olive Baby Wax as lip balm for us both when our lips are chapped, used it when Bella has a case of eczema or dry skin and found that it made my skin softer and lovely without a sticky residue or any odors. It has even entertained Bella in the bank while we had to wait in the queue, and she rubbed it all over herself much to the delight of the people around us!







Oh-Lief also runs a program whereby moms can bring back their used tubs to be refilled at their store at The Old Biscuit Mill inWoodstockand only use local products to decrease their carbon footprint! If you are conscious of the environment as well as your little one, you can’t go wrong using their products!

This is their story:








Who are the ‘we’ in Oh-lief, Christine Buchanan, mother of young Liam, and Louiza Rademan, sister and proud aunt. We were brought up in a family that valued the principals of a green and organic life style and our love of all things natural has certainly influenced our decisions in establishing our Oh-lief brand. Christine could not find a skincare range for babies, or for her self when she was pregnant, that she felt confident enough to use. We then decided to develop our current family recipes in to a full baby range, based on 100% raw natural ingredients, and hence, Oh-lief was born. Our name originated from the main ingredient in the Oh-lief waxes, which is Olive oil. Oh-lief is a word -play on Olive and the ‘lief’ represent our love for nature and eco-friendly products.

And Moms haven’t been forgotten, have a look at their range for adults as well!

For more information on products and what is in their range, have a look at their  webstite www.ohlief.com for stockists or contact them at info@ohlief.com to get a price list and place an order!






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