If you hear of rhubarb and custard, what do you think of? To me it brings memories of fun filled Sunday lunches with my family and warm snuggles in the cold winter.

Family, bonding and closeness is exactly what the company Rhubarb & Custard evoke in their products. Their stylish but sturdy baby slings encourage bonding between the wearer and the baby while at the same time, allowing the wearer to have their hands free to carry on with their daily routines. The slings come in a variety of fabulous colours and to ensure closeness, they provide a guide on how to measure yourself so that the sling is the perfect fit! The material is of a good quality and the slings are the only pouch slings in South Africa to be certified to UK/EU Standards! Best of all, you can use them from birth up until 18kg! What an investment!

For breast feeding moms there is also the Nursing Cover so that you don’t have to go and hide in the spare room at braais and you can feed your baby at a restaurant without the fear of people looking at you strangely.

My favourite is the “Little Bunny” and “I love Boobies” t-shirts! They are cute and adorable and will bring a smile to anyone that reads them! They come in sizes from birth to 12 months so your little one will always have that something different from the rest and will brighten up someone else’s day!


If you are pregnant and suffering from trying to get the right position so that you are comfortable at night, try the ‘V’ pillow…your partner will be very grateful! It supports you in all the right places so you that you don’t wake up sore and tired from tossing and turning the whole night.

The V-Pillow

If your little one starts to teeth, get yourself a Dribblies Bib which protects your little angel’s clothes from getting soggy from saliva and drooling. Not only stylish, absorbent and colourful, the bibs have 2 poppers to be able to adjust the size as little one grows.

Dribblies Bib


All-in-all, Rhubarb & Custard products are a must for pregnant ladies as well as mommies! Have a look at their website www.rhubarbandcustard.co.za for more information and to order your products! You won’t regret it!

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