My hubby used to be a farmer boy and as the story goes, he used to drink up to 5 litres of milk everyday all by himself! Well towards the end of my pregnancy, I was drinking milk like there was no tomorrow and I didn’t care if it was in the bottle, a cup or what it was in as long as it was going into my mouth and was there when  I needed it. Yip, you guessed it, I needed calcium.

I read in all the books about how you should look after your teeth when you are pregnant, drink lots of calcium and visit the doctor as pregnancy can affect your teeth and cause problems but like I thought “That won’t happen to me”. Well it did and my strong legged girl left me with a big fat calcium deficiency that has left me with some marks on my teeth that there is nothing that can be done for and so “It happened to me!”

I recently heard about this toothbrush from Oral B when I recieved some interesting information about it. It is called the Oral –B® Triumph 5000® with SmartGuide® which is an electric toothbrush and its features encourages you to brush longer, has less pressure on your gums and in one test that they did, it proved that the test subjects reported brushing more than the recommended 2 minutes a day and gave them that “Dentist Clean” feeling. This of course leads to  a cleaner mouth and I would say better kissing  ;p  I must say that I am interested in getting one as some mornings I am still half asleep and I start thinking about other things and when I notice again, I’ve stopped half-way and remembered about something and forgotten what I was doing.


ORAL-B 5000 TRIUMPH with smartguide resized


The information I received was also quite informative as I don’t know much about children’s toothbrushes and what to get for them that is cute, not going to cost an arm and a leg and work like it should without falling apart. Oral-B® has a whole range for the kids. I have also had mommies ask me about when to take their kids to the dentist and what to look out for when you go. Dr Hoosen, a leading dentist from Joburg says that one should do the following:

Pick a child-friendly dentist especially a paediatric dentist who will have additional training and interest in children’s dental issues as they can make the experience a lot easier.  Think about your attitude towards the dentist and remember that you can influence your child through body language. Respect those baby teeth don’t look after them and their tooth brushes! Establish a routine so that kids get into a habit of brushing twice a day, use a soft-bristle brush to protect gums and make sure that your little one is getting some form of fluoride! We use Pure Beginnings Berry Toothpaste and Bella loooves it as it tastes like marshmallows and help her to start wanting to brush her teeth! I have even used it on occasion when showing her and I think it’s lovely!

Now off to find a child-friendly dentist…….

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