The sun is shining outside and right now I am under a blanket with a box of tissues and a nice fat case of bronchitis! Yes life has a habit of throwing curveballs at one when you least expect it. Mine came in the form of bronchitis!

Life has been a bit different of late! If you had told me what I know now 6 months ago, I would have thought that you were crazy. That it would never happen and that you were on very strong meds. But what has happened has happened and boom goes my immune system after weeks of being strong. Just my body’s way of saying  “hey, take a chill pill, here’s some bronchitis”. This little chill pill is freaking me out as I cannot go to work and so I feel as if I am climbing a wall. I am a little bit of a workaholic lol.

I have always believed in hope. Hope is what has kept me sane since a kid and often gotten me into crazy situations, some with good outcomes and some with not so good outcomes. I recently met someone and I am terrified to the core to get close to him. I really like him but hope sometimes has an outcome of making the heart hurt. We shall see what shall happen. Time shall tell. I believe in being like a pineapple, stand tall and wear a crown regardless of what happens. Bronchitis and all.

My darling sister Jessi  was also here for a month, we had amazing times doing crazy things like swimming at 10pm in the hot springs, or watching rugby together. I really miss that she has gone now. I love her to bits and pieces. When she is here we always seem to get up to mischief. Just a few more months and she will be back!

Regardless of the above, I had been getting fit, started doing a Zumba class once a week and my legs are starting to feel the toning of it. B has gone with me a few times and I have released how much she loves to dance ! She is constantly showing me moves and wiggling her arms and legs around. She is actually a pretty good singer and dancer! Next year I am thinking of sending her for modern dancing classes.

My fetish for cacti has also increased and my online following on Instagram is getting bigger and bigger from the pictures that I have been posting.  Seems I am not the only one who loves them J

I will be blogging more now, I just can’t get to my emails as my laptop is acting up and the email addy for this blog is on there but if you want to contact me, I can be on I miss the laptop so much!!!!

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