Mom and I went to a Christmas carols by candlelight event and it was really wonderful having a picnic in the garden and listening to a rock version of the carols and choir sing. Bella was really well behaved and would walk off to talk to people and then come back to me and then go again. She wasn’t running around like a hooligan or being disruptive and all the people around us kept commenting on how cute she was and well behaved. She clapped while the music played and “conducted” when the choir sang. Then mommy got really pissed off.

Bella went to an open patch of grass just past us to go and talk to two little girls of about 4 and 6. There were people sitting between us and the kids so I couldn’t see her clearly all the time. The 6 year old started telling her to go away and to shoo and when I didn’t see her for about 1 minute I got up to go and investigate! Lord have mercy it was the closest I have ever come to hitting another person’s child! The bloody 4 year old bully was lying on top of Bella and had her pinned to the ground so that she couldn’t move. Bella was struggling to get her off and as I ran walked towards them, the 4 year old was shoving her head into the ground. My kid was screaming her little lungs out and I could see she was terrified. Where I got the calmness from I don’t know but I pulled the 4 year old off her and told her to get off her immediately in a very cross and stern voice. I had a split second thought of giving her a bloody hiding but then I remember that she isn’t my kid. I picked Bella up and held her to calm her down while I walked away. The terrorist child’s mother then came and from what I could see people told her what happened and it looked like she gave her kid a talking to. Worst is that I actually recognised the mom. Do you think she came to find out how Bella was? Nope and they were sitting right behind us. When the 4 year old and mom came to sit down, Bella pointed at the little girl and said “Mommy, there’s the girl that hurt me!”  I had to really restrain myself from getting up and saying something! What kind of child does that to other children and at such a young age?? Where did she see this, on TV or at home? It made me wonder what else this kid gets up to. Well I didn’t have long to wait as she started causing nonsense at different locations and the nanny had to go and fetch her kicking and screaming every time.

Bella keeps telling me that a girl sat on her back and pushed her down and I think that this incident has affected her a little bit. What did mommy learn out of this:  you don’t only have to watch your kid but other kids to just in case they turn out to be terrorists  naughty children as well!

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