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In a few weeks time I am turning 32. 32. Now some of you might be saying that is still young, but to me, calendar wise, I feel over the hill while in spirit I’m 24!

People always tell me I look younger than 31 so I’m making sure that it stays that way. I dress the way I want to and I have started a beauty regime to make me feel better and look better! My hair is growing and I feel healthy! Bring on 32 heehee.

I have to tell you! I found a new photographer whose photographs are amazing! Her name is Elena Kalis and she takes wonderful underwater shots! I found them on Pinterest and you can see them  here! The blog post picture and this one are two of her photographs:

Elena Kalis

As I mentioned before, this is the year of change. I’ve signed up for a  role in a play, I’m entering in the Spar 10km Woman’s Race, I am planning a hike and a few other things that are going to make this year interesting! Somehow I have also agreed to do the 21km Two Oceans next year….. this from a couch potato…..

I feel happier and more like me than I have in a while. I dress more like I want to and the holiday I recently had with my family has really helped to recharge my batteries and ground me again! I am on a diet and although I cheat now and then (cough cough) I’ve lost 2.8kg and I hope to be a specific weight for my birthday! All this exercise, namely Zumba, has also made me feel better about how I look. It is also a fun bonding thing for B and I as we do it together! She knows how to wiggle her legs and even has a favorite song now!

I have also changed a few things regarding B and we are going from strength to strength! She is growing up so fast and I love her more than anything in the world! I looked at her the other day and thought “Where has the time gone, you are growing up so quickly?” Super cutey pie!

It is also the year that I am no longer going to be taking shit from people and I have cut out one or two people that I felt I didn’t need to be around as they were not adding any value to my life. I’m very easy going but when you have crossed my line, please do not pass go and do not let the door hit you on the ass as you leave it.  With one person, my tolerance has been pushed to the limit and I am done!

Well little blog, I’m off to bed, tomorrow is going to be another crazy day at the office and I need to bake a chocolate cake for a friend when I get home…lead me not into temptation…but I said I would so I will pretend that the caramel treat is made of slime and deliver the cake to him with all of it on. Ok so I promise to try! Heehee!


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