Fairy wands are easy to make and here is my Fairy Wand Tutorial. I have been making these wands for a friend’s daughter who turns 7 tomorrow and is having a fairy themed party! They are really cheap and easy to do and make any little girl smile!

What you need for the Fairy Wand Tutorial:

Dowel sticks (long thin sticks that you can get at a hardware store and are used to mix paint with)

Coloured ribbon

White/colour that you want your sticks paint (any kind will do but I used white craft acrylic paint)

Coloured cardboard in the colour that you want the wand to be

Glitter in the colour that you want the wand to be


Craft glue

Clothing pens

Small paint brush

Newspaper or old paper

Strong adhesive glue (optional)

Fairy Wand Tutorial
Fairy Wand Tutorial


Fairy Wand Tutorial:

When you buy the dowel sticks from the hardware store, save yourself some time and ask them to cut them for you. You don’t want them to be too thin so take one that is reasonably easy to hold and imagine a child holding them. They are around R2.50 a stick and you can get about 3 out of one stick. If you don’t have time for them to cut it and you are going to do it at home, use a serrated knife as it is easier and makes a cleaner line than a non-serrated knife.

Paint the sticks and leave them to dry. I did two coats per stick

Either trace or print the stars onto the coloured cardboard and cut them out using the scissors. If you are going to make a double sided wand, you will need two spars per wand. Take the craft glue and trace the sides of the paper that will be on the inside of the star. Put out the newspaper or old paper where you are going to work so that you can catch any glitter that falls.

With the next two steps, do one star at a time so that the star looks brilliant. Use a metal spoon to smooth the glue over the whole of the star so that there are no open spaces. If there are spaces open, that is where there will be no glitter. Keep checking that the glue doesn’t dry on the spoon as it will affect how the glue spreads. If it dries too quickly, swop it for another spoon.

Hold the card at a slant and sprinkle the glitter over the glue covered star and make sure that all of the paper is covered. Tap any excess glitter into a bowl or container if needed. Put them down on a flat surface so that they can dry properly. If you find that they lift slightly at the edges then put a heavy book on them and leave them for about 20 minutes to dry.

By this time your dowel sticks should  be dry so cut the ribbon to the length that you would like it, leaving a little bit extra for the knot that you need to tie. Tie a double knot around the stick and then stick it onto the star using the sticky tape.

Once your stars have dried take your craft glue and trace the inside of the star where there is no glitter and glue the two stars together. I found that Bostik Gel Adhesive worked really quickly and well doing this part.  Squirt some glue between the join where the ribbon and the paper meet and use a washing peg to hold it in place. Leave to dry

If there is any paper that didn’t match up when you where gluing it, don’t worry, just trim it when you are finished!

And enjoy!


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