How to make Maternity Leave less stressfull!

For most parents, the thoughts of going on Maternity Leave and often a cut in income can be quite daunting. Where will the extra money come from and how will you pay for everything are the first thoughts that will start to make you panic. However, there are little things that you can start to do in the months before our baby is due or while on Maternity leave.

1)      When grocery shopping, try to double up on all your main purchases and stockpile them to be used for while are on Maternity Leave. For Example if you go through a bottle of Marmite a month, for 4 months buy 2 Marmite bottles a month and put the other in a cupboard or box that is to be used while on Maternity Leave. This will mean that during your leave time you won’t have to buy any Marmite! Cleaning products are normally quite pricey, i.e. washing powder, so try to buy these first!

2)      As soon as you feel comfortable, start to buy nappies and wet wipes! We started buying nappies when I was 5 months pregnant and for the first 6 months of Bella’s life, we didn’t buy any nappies! Look out for specials that some of the stores run and buy different sizes i.e. Mini, Midi etc. so that you don’t have an overstock of one size of nappies! What if my child is allergic I hear you say?  Well with some companies, they will let you swop the nappies i.e. Pampers nappies for Haggis and so forth, just speak to the people who work in the shop i.e. Toys R Us and let them advise you! Natural Nappies are also a very good investment but can be quite pricey as an initial set up cost, so I would recommend looking at our suppliers, getting some provisional costs and to start putting some many away for it each month. Alternatively you can have a debit order that gets taken off your salary every month and deposited into your account.

3)      If you have things to buy like a pram or cot, which can be quite pricey, look around at different shops or specials that different companies are having.  Look at some of our suppliers under the products pages. You can also find some really good bargain at 2nd hand stores or on There is also another place called Mom’s Bargain Market whereby you can go to a market with everything aimed at kids and buy things there. Always check for safety and how sturdy the product is. There is also a place where by you can hire car seats, prams etc. on a monthly basis which can also save you money in the long run!

4)      Online shopping while on Maternity Leave can be quite cost effective as you don’t have the opportunity to do impulse shopping which, as we all know, can add quite a bit to your final bill. Alternatively, go to the shops with a shopping list and try to stick to the list and not buy “unnecessary” products.

The most important thing to remember is to start early! The earlier you start, the more you save in the long run! Good Luck! 🙂





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