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Crazy World

The past few months has been crazy world of ups, downs, joy, happiness and just plain madness. Work has been manically hectic and there has been a few nights that I have worked late or even gone in on a Friday night to sort out problems. Most nights I have been passing out by 21:30 / 22:00 and this from a night owl! I was offered another job, got the position and convinced to stay with my present company by the powers that be. One of my colleagues also died and it has been quite hard to say the least! As you can imagine, I have been a bit of a stress ball!

Also started studying again but often I look at the books and decide that it will be done tomorrow nigh…..Getting it done is hard after working a full day but I need to book to do my exam in the next month or three so I have time *gulp*

I am pretty lucky in that I have seven days of leave that will expire if I don’t take them. For a work –aholic this is going to be interesting but I am actually SO happy for once as I need some good old me time. So Madame is taking her vouchers she got for her birthday and having her hair cut and nails done tomorrow and just spending some good old me time. Add coffee, a good book and a fun, out of my routine event tomorrow night and it will be pretty close to being perfect! I promise to try not to worry about work.

I have also done a lot of thinking the past while and cried a good few tears. The whole thing with Mr Green really hurt, I am still in love with him but mostly I miss my friend. The most messed up part is that this whole ending is based on an assumption without all the relevant facts or a proper face to face discussion and that is what irritates me. Thank God I know he and his friends don’t read blogs hehehehe.

A dear friend says that I need to look up and see the other guys around me, in the crazy world of dating, that are trying to get my attention but to be honest I am not interested right now.  A friend is trying to convince me that I need to go on a date with his friend as we are perfect for each other and we will get along like a house on fire. It’s not that I don’t see them, I am not blind but I would rather heal properly than jump into something and then all hell breaks loose. I went on Tinder for all of two days and deleted the app. For me to say I love someone romantically is pretty hectic in my books and it’s the first time in 4 years that it has happened.

In between all this I get a Facebook friend request. From He Who Shall Not Be Named (as he is called by my besties) or my Nemesis as I call him.  After all the circles we ran around each other he sends me a request now. Are. You. Shitting. Me? I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that one!  Mr Dolphin, Nick and Tin Man have been really amazing and check up on me all the time to make sure I am ok. Mr Dolphin has had a few late night discussions with me on the merits of things and I am really grateful to him for being such a sweetie pie. I am trying to move on in my way and I when I am healed completely at least it will be on my terms.

Crazy World Silver lining…

I have discovered a new hobby, made some really nice friends and I am planning a weekend/night away with the girls! We are also going to enter in an obstacle race and 5km race so we are getting there. There is an attempt to entice me to do a 42km race. This dear reformed couch potatoe likes the small distances and races where I can walk in between!  B is doing really really well at school and I am Super Super proud of her! She is getting so tall and is almost as long as me!! She has been such a sweetie pie and growing into a beautiful young lady!

Well that’ it for now, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!



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Cappuccino’s and dreams

Today I went out for supper with some friends (B is at her dad’s house) and having had 3 cappuccinos today, I can’t sleep! Buts not a bad thing, it just means I’m in a thinking mood and my nails have benefited as they were done while watching a movie! Heehaw one of those nights. People have been asking me when another blog post is going to be coming but I have written so many in my head lately that I figured I should write some of this down!

I made a friend a while ago and we have been speaking about a lot of subjects of late and one is work. I realize that I have become ambitious again. I have a plan that I am working on and although it won’t be overnight, I am going to get somewhere. My career is starting to take off again and although my job isn’t the most stress-free, I am learning so much and having to use the brain God gave me, that I can see a way forward for B and I. I am also starting to enjoy all the different projects that I run and I like the way that things are going forward. This includes you little blog, you are going to be getting some more blogs on a regular basis and I will start to work on the hard plan that I had set out for you! My following on Pinterest is growing by the day and I find get a fright when I see how many of my blog posts are getting repined! J Go Baby Bugs Go!

The other thing that he also helped me to realize is that sometimes what you see isn’t always what you get. He is what they call a “Realist” and funny enough; the man has made me see through a few funny situations. This has been quite a different concept for me as I am a, for a lack of a better word, “Dreamist” and my eyes have been slowly going open. Now don’t misunderstand me, I still believe in love and the beauty of things but for the first time in my life, I don’t just trust people at face value, I look closer first. This doesn’t mean that I have mistrust in people but I don’t just offer up my heart on my sleeve anymore. Do I still daydream, oh hell yeah.  Am I working on what T told me to do, jip everyday! Do I still read a book now and then and go to a far away land, you better believe it. I think that I am just starting to see what is real again because I have had so many things around me in the past few months that haven’t been.

The past few months have been so different. When B is away, my calendar is full and when she is with me, especially on weekends, we always seem to get invited somewhere or doing something. Even if it is just going for breakfast at Spur, just the two of us and sharing the breakfast special that they have. One of my best friends is also home from Miami and I have missed him dearly. It has been so great to spend time with him again.

I think it’s time that I set a few goals again for myself, like real attainable ones that are going to have to be completed at a certain date. Hmm watch this space, they are coming! P.S, one is to start blogging more!




Breakfast Pizza Recipe








My hubby gets breakfast in bed every Sunday and I am always trying to find new things to make him. Well for Father’s Day he got one of his favourite foods with a little twist: a Breakfast Pizza.

I Googled to get a good recipe but they all seemed so complex that in the end I just went with my gut feeling and this is what came out:

Breakfast Pizza


4 pizza basses (I bought them readymade but you can make them yourself)

1 packet of bacon (diced is easier)

5ml cooking or olive oil

1 avocado

1 packet of salami

4 eggs

1 punnet of mushrooms

Half a teaspoon of mixed herbs per pizza base

Pinch of salt per pizza base

Grated Cheddar/Mozzarella cheese

(You can actually add whatever toppings you like but try to keep it to the breakfast theme)


  • Set the oven to the temperature as recommended on the pre-bought pizza bases. If you make your own, the recipe that you use should specify this.
  • Add the oil to a pan and when it’s warmed up, fry the bacon until it is done and then remove it from the stove.
  • Slice the mushrooms, salami and avocado into the sizes that you would like but try not to make them to big as or the eater will struggle when eating it.
  • Grate the  cheese
  • Pack out the pizza bases and add all your toppings, salt and herbs but not the egg and the cheese.
  • Once all your toppings are on and the oven is at the right temperate, crack the egg over the middle of the pizza. Put the pizza into the oven and let it cook until the egg looks done.


The egg on the pizza


  • Take the pizza out of the oven and then put on the cheese and put it back into the oven until the cheese has melted
  • Slice the pizza into slices and serve warm

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