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Bella and Mommy








Bella and I have been going through some issues lately.  I’ve been divorced just over 3 months and I can sometimes see the effects that it has on her. On Sunday I saw my brother in-law and he and my ex are very similar in looks. When he was leaving Bella stood in the driveway and stared at the car with the saddest look, her little shoulders dropped and she stood there even after he had gone. I went over to her and she put out her little arms, I picked her up and she put her head on my shoulders and said “I miss my Daddy Mommy” in this small and timid voice. I could not put her down for about 15 minutes after that as she just wanted to be held and it took a lot of tickling and reassurance so that she would feel better.

I’m not saying that these things happen all the time but she is getting better in talking about how she feels about things and I am so proud of her because of that. It’s also getting easier for me when we go to places where there are families and I watch the daddies and mommies playing with their kids and B will hold onto my hand for a little bit and be scared to go until I make sure she understands that I will not leave her. This weekend we had so much fun together and did real Mommy and B things. She is growing up so much and I could not believe how fearless she was when she climbed onto the flying rides, was strapped in and when the ride was down, asked to go on them again. My little baby girl is a little princess and not really a baby anymore.  Sometimes I have to pinch myself to remember that she is still just under 3 and when she cuddles on my lap and kisses me or just looks at me and says “I love you so much Mommy”, I have to stop myself from cuddling her to death.

Since I have been treated for Post Natal Depression and the anxiety attacks are non-existent anymore as well as the paranoia and the focus only on B have subsided. It can be treated and one can live a normal life again. I am proud to say that all my old traits are back and I am becoming more and more like the crazy old Abbi again. I love shopping again and this weekend I plan to go buy myself some new shoes! I have had my hair done and am talking an avid interest in my appearance again! As my one bestie says “Never go out looking like anything but a lady” and on the two times that I haven’t, let’s just say I happened to meet someone that I knew and I could have kicked myself! Some people have commented on my uhm dancing around the office or house again and it makes me feel so excited cause I feel like me! I even want to bake and cook and do crafts again! Heehe! I have had quite a bit of stress but I am learning on ways to deal with it and many people around me are amazed at what I have achieved in the space of time since being diagnosed.

Well this mamma gotta go and work on my project that is due in the next few days and I am not in the mood to do it, I just feel like cuddling in bed with a good DVD and drinking hot chocolate. Hmmm almost Spring and I can’t wait! Watch this space for some uhm interesting new tales!

Woolworths and Every Paw Print Counts giveaway!








If you are South African and watch T.V you would have heard all about the rhinos and animal poaching that has been going on. It’s enough to make you sick and I would love to give those poachers a Judo-chop for what they are doing! Enter Woolworths and the “Every Paw Print Counts” Campaign.

What is that you may ask? Woolworth has launched  3 new products and for every pack of ‘Every Paw Print Counts’ Soft Fruit-flavoured Gums sold, R1 will go to protect these endangered animals; for each ‘Every Paw Print Counts’ bracelet R8, and for each reusable ‘Every Paw Print Counts’ shopping bag sold, they will donate R10! I tried the sweets and they were yummy and best of all, contain no milk so B can eat them too although there was nothing but an empty packet by the time I got home! The bag is cute and very durable and will be able to carry anything from shopping to library books to arts and crafts!

It’s great that a big corporate company is helping out the wildlife and environment, a portion of what you pay goes towards helping one of two MyPlanet beneficiaries, the Endangered Wildlife Trust and the Wildlife ACT Fund, for the conservation of the cheetah, rhino and African wild dog. How cool is that, so in fact you are helping the animals and I really like that.

Want to enter a giveaway? Woolworths will give two packets of the sweets and one bag to one lucky winner! How to enter, leave a post on the blog below and tell me one of the animals that will benefit from the fund made? Competition runs from 20 May to 24 May and is open to SA residents! Get entering!


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Sofia the First








When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a princess when I grew up and would prance around playing dress-up.  I still believe that all women are princesses, we just dress up now in another way!

I was really excited to hear about a new show starting on 11 May at 09:00 for kids aged between 2-7 on Disney Junior on DSTV (channel 309) called Sofia the First. The story is a cartoon story about an average Joe little girl called Sofia whose mother marries the King! She is then transported into a world of glamour, pretty dresses and the life of royalty.  She also gets new step-siblings in the form of Amber and James. This world is strange and new to Sofia and she has many challenges that she has to overcome.

What I like about it is that the story is not just going to be about pretty dresses and glamour but is going to teach little children lessons like how to make friends, how to build new sibling relationships and discovering new skills. Sofia will be a little girl that they can see as a friend and someone that they can relate to. The aim is also to teach children about generosity, kindness and loyalty and that it isn’t what you have or wear, but the princess inside that matters. I like that part as I find many shows today don’t really teach children anything! Sofia will also be having some blasts from my childhood with the fairies Fauna, Flora and Merryweather (fairies seen in Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty) being in the show as well!

Sofia the First also has an amazing cast doing the voices of the different characters! Starring as the voice of Sofia is Ariel Winter (Modern Family); Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) is Queen Miranda; Wayne Brady (Let’s Make A Deal) is Clover; Tim Gunn (Project Runway) is Baileywick; Darcy Rose Byrnes (Desperate Housewives) is Amber; Zach Callison (Land of the Lost) is James; Travis Willingham (Ultimate Spider-Man) is King Roland II; Jess Harnell (Doc McStuffins) is Cedric; Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) is Mia the Bluebird and Meghan Strange (Special Agent Oso) is Robin.  Disney Legend Russi Taylor (Minnie Mouse), Barbara Dirickson and Tress MacNeille (Daisy Duck), bring Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, respectively, to life.  Jennifer Hale provides the voice of Cinderella

So get your snacks ready, grab a blanket and watch Sofia the First on Disney Junior (channel 309) on 11 May 2013 at 09:00 and see this little princess in action!

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Giving up smoking is making me crave chocolates!







Recently I have been feeling like Spiderman climbing the walls with his sticky web to get to the damsel in distress at the top of the skyscraper. The only problem is that my skyscraper is the fact that I stopped smoking and my “damsel” is my craving for chocolate and cake. Now to most people, that would sound pretty reasonable but the fact is that I actually am not a massive fan of either! I prefer dark chocolate once a month and now I have had chocolate 3 times in 4 days! The last time I craved so much chocolate was when I was pregnant with Bella and made Rick leave at 2am to go to MacDonald’s to get me a Chocolate Sundae. Now I can’t stomach those things! And in response to the thought most people would have, nope, no bun in this oven! Apparently these sugar cravings have to do with my blood sugar dropping due to the lack of cigarettes and are actually pretty normal.

I decided to give up smoking for 3 reasons: 1) I became terribly sick with bronchitis, laryngitis and sinusitis and smoking made me cough more than anything. 2) Cigarettes are getting flipping expensive and 3) the money I am saving from not smoking is going towards things that I would not normally buy myself i.e. a pair of stunning shoes that I saw!

Had I known it would be so hard to go cold turkey I would have gotten tablets or gum or something! The problem, I have found, with the patches or gum is that they taste terrible to me! My ex tried this thing, when he stopped, that looked like a tampon and would walk around sucking on it! He used to get so angry at me because I would laugh myself sick at him every time he would suck on it! The other option is those electronic cigarettes but they would just be kidding myself and I would “light up” everywhere.

So I have come up with a plan of action that includes the following:

Have bubblegum in my bag or on me at all times

Eat dried bananas and mangos

I recently lost 11kg and I am not going to put it all on again and hence I will not pick up those chocolate bars and cake

Water is my best friend

Walk and get some fresh air

Take one morning and evening at a time (this is when it is the worst!)

Wish me luck and if you have any tips, please let me know!



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The juggling balls are falling








Today was one of those days where you realise your wings are cut, the Super Mom logo has been removed and you are just having one of those days when the 100 balls that you are juggling all seem to plop onto your head with the heaviness of a bowling ball. Each one leaves a nasty dent as it rolls to the floor. The thing with being a mom is that before you only had to worry about yourself and your partner. If you had one of these days, getting into bed with a good book, glass of wine or something stronger and staying there until you decided to get up was ok. Now with a kiddie, this seems to only be possible once they are in bed. I still have to get Bella from school, get her home, bathed and fed while playing with her and giving her “Bella Time” and then off to sleep. Once she is asleep it’s time to back her bag for school, make sure she has a bottle for later and get her school clothes ready for the next day. Only then can I start to tackle the rest of the things and then maybe get into bed at a decent time before Bella wakes up and starts looking for me!

To keep the balls in the air takes quite a bit of planning and making sure that things go according to this plan. If her baby bag isn’t packed the night before, I have to run around like a banshee to get it done in the morning which takes away some of “our” time which means Bella gets whiney and vies for my attention. This makes me even later and then I get more worried about being late etc!

So I put “Back to Sanity” plan into place! I had a big cup of coffee, took a deep breath, did  a little gig, resolved to be more efficient and felt a 100 times better! Only I can help to make it better and if it means 5 minutes less in bed, so be it! Tomorrow will hold another day and I am going to be positive that all the balls will be in the air and not stress! As they say “Bring it!”

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Review on The ecoBaby Company








What is cute, easy to use and navigate as well has wonderful freebies? Well it’s The ecoBaby Company website of course!

The ecoBaby Company is a company that cares about not only you as a family, but for the environment as well with all their products being environmentally sustainable. On their website you can find everything from accessories for Mum to Toys for kids, baby bags and eco-friendly nappies and their prices are very reasonable! They also have advice on how to use the new and modern version of the cloth nappies as well as testimonials from past clients who have only had wonderful service from them! They also have Freebies which in today’s day and age, is a wonderful thing! Another fabulous thing about the website is their free online magazine with tips for parents and ideas on health as well as things to make for you or your family.

Now, if like me, you don’t have a lot of time, shopping on this website is easy! The products are found in categories under the headings of:  For Mum, For Baby and For Kids with a drop down menu so that you can choose which section you are looking for i.e. Accessories. They also have a Specials section where you will find products on sale! Creating an account takes 5 minutes and then you are all set to go! They even give you the option of choosing a delivery style and all purchases over R1500 gets free delivery in South Africa! Paying is also easy with credit card or via PayPal!

We are having a GIVEAWAY for R100 gift voucher from The ecoBaby Company and all you need to do to be entered into the draw, is to Like their Facbook page and ours by the 25 July to stand a chance to win!

So what are you waiting for? Have a look at their website and subscribe to their email so that you can be up to date with what they have! With The ecoBaby Company, you can’t go wrong!

Breakfast Pizza Recipe








My hubby gets breakfast in bed every Sunday and I am always trying to find new things to make him. Well for Father’s Day he got one of his favourite foods with a little twist: a Breakfast Pizza.

I Googled to get a good recipe but they all seemed so complex that in the end I just went with my gut feeling and this is what came out:

Breakfast Pizza


4 pizza basses (I bought them readymade but you can make them yourself)

1 packet of bacon (diced is easier)

5ml cooking or olive oil

1 avocado

1 packet of salami

4 eggs

1 punnet of mushrooms

Half a teaspoon of mixed herbs per pizza base

Pinch of salt per pizza base

Grated Cheddar/Mozzarella cheese

(You can actually add whatever toppings you like but try to keep it to the breakfast theme)


  • Set the oven to the temperature as recommended on the pre-bought pizza bases. If you make your own, the recipe that you use should specify this.
  • Add the oil to a pan and when it’s warmed up, fry the bacon until it is done and then remove it from the stove.
  • Slice the mushrooms, salami and avocado into the sizes that you would like but try not to make them to big as or the eater will struggle when eating it.
  • Grate the  cheese
  • Pack out the pizza bases and add all your toppings, salt and herbs but not the egg and the cheese.
  • Once all your toppings are on and the oven is at the right temperate, crack the egg over the middle of the pizza. Put the pizza into the oven and let it cook until the egg looks done.


The egg on the pizza


  • Take the pizza out of the oven and then put on the cheese and put it back into the oven until the cheese has melted
  • Slice the pizza into slices and serve warm

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It’s a Giveaway with Auds and Ends Creations

Can you say Vintage?

Everyone has different taste but one thing that always seems to come back is Vintage. Recently I heard of this fantastic lady called Audrey who owns and runs Auds & Ends Creations. The cutest hats, head bands and clips are but a few to mention and the character ones like Hello Kitty, owls, frogs and strawberry hats will have  your little one stand out in a crowd! Items are made according to your taste and specifications. But wait, there is more! Not only does she cater for the little ones, but she also makes wedding broaches, necklaces, earrings, headbands, bolero’s, shoes and tiara’s! Have a look at her website

Best of all to celebrate their 1 year birthday on 30 June 2012, we have a give away for a Dino-Baby-Beanie as shown in the featured picture!  How can you get it? Follow these easy steps:

  1. “Like” the Auds & Ends Creations Facebook page
  2. Subscribe to Baby Bugs ‘n Berries and leave a comment

As easy as that! The competition is open until 30 June  2012 and the winner will be chosen via a lucky draw.  We will notify you via email that you have won and to get more details from you.

Sadly, the competition is only open to SA citizens




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Smile and wave boys, smile and wave!


Education is very important to me and Bella and I have been playing fun learning games since she was an infant. Now please don’t think I am like Amy Chua in the Battle Hymns of a Tiger Mother but we would play games that looked silly to other people but that indirectly she would learn from. A perfect example is when she was 2 or 3 months old, I hung different coloured ribbons in the tree in front of our house. On warm days, I would put a blanket under the tree and Bella and I would lie on the blanket and watch the ribbons move in the wind. Another thing we would do is I would put her in her chair while I hung up washing and she would giggle at the washing and when the wind blew, giggle harder at the clothes moving. I found out later that this all apparently helps with eye movements.

I also don’t have a problem with messing, there have been many times when I have been covered in porridge or water or bits of food but this has never bothered me! She has learnt to water the plants and drink tea and many other little things that she might not have had I been fussy about it.

This new development phase she is going through is driving me a little insane and I know that it is very important but when you are a working mom, time is important and this new phase often ends up in a little bit of a fight. Bella is at the stage where she would like to “dress” herself. Now I  understand that it is important for her to learn to do this but when it takes up to 10 minutes to put her top on in the morning, this can create a problem as it takes up our play time. I always pack Bella’s school bag the night before and have gotten into the habit of packing her clothes out for the next day so that I don’t have to still figure out what she is going to wear and I can give her more attention.  How do you teach a child to dress herself?  I have resorted to taking my top off to show her how to put her head in the hole but she thinks it’s a big game and laughs at me! Dressing is a game to her now! One can’t draw her a picture as she would not understand either! I suppose its time to go onto the trusted old Google and see if there are any tips out there. Patience will just have to become another virtue in the dressing game!


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I’m bringin Sexy Back!









Some mornings I walk past a gym on my way to work and can see all the ladies in their tight tights doing the treadmill or having their bodies shaken on the Power Plate machine. They don’t even seem to be breaking a sweat but have that look of utter determination on their faces that screams “just one more calorie”. My body goes automatically into Suck in Tummy mode and I start thinking of the Baby Weight that I still carry from having Bella.

As a working mom I find it quite hard to get the time to go to the gym or work out. My mornings consist of getting Bella ready for school, getting myself ready for work, dropping her off at school and then my working day begins. In the afternoons, I pick her up from school, spend time with her, get her fed, bathed and ready for bed and my husband and I take turns putting her to bed. At the end of the day I am quite exhausted especially as Bella still doesn’t sleep through the night. Winter has also started to play havoc with getting washing done and all the little things that we need to do to keep the household running.

My downfall

So what is a girl to do? I can’t add Winter Weight to the whole scenario on top of the Baby weight or I will end up looking like a Teletubby! So I have started to devise a plan on keeping off the Winter Weight and working on that Baby Weight as well. So far I have lost 2kg but that hot chocolate keeps calling and encouraging me to drink it and general diets are like a challenge to me to eat everything wrong! Here are the things I am trying:

  1. Drinking a litre of water every day (well  most days)
  2. Staying away from bread
  3. Eating a green banana every moring (The Carb Diet says that it increases your metabolism by 10% if you get a green banana and 4% if you eat a ripe one)
  4. Limiting the amount of full cream milk that I drink
  5. Going from two sugars in my coffee to one
  6. Lays Chips are to stay in the shop and not to be bought
  7. If I see Coco-Cola I imagine with every sip that I am drinking a cup of sugar and this puts me off it
  8. When at my desk, jiggle my legs 100 times to get the blood circulating and those calories burning
  9. I drink apple cider vinegar to increase my metabolism
  10. Take –aways are the Enemy and should only be used in dire circumstances
  11. If I go to a coffees shop and they give a biscuit with the coffee, before I reach for it I think of my tummy!
  12. I play music for Bella like Dynamite by Tao Cruiz and I dance like a mad person to burn a few extra calories

I do understand that I need to do more exercises and would looooove to go to my old Zumba classes but time does not allow it. I have therefore devised a plan to get the Wii dance game and I am going to start shaking my booty to get rid of the Baby Weight while listening to some good music.

One day I will be one of those ladies in the gyms again, but for now, I’m going to find ways to make myself happy in the comfort of my own home!

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Don’t! Watch out! Be Careful!

Before having my child my vocabulary consisted of many words and sentences like “all night movie marathon”, “hangover”,  “reading till 13:00 in bed”, “stilettos”, “playing Wii all day”, “it’s 22:00 but let’s go out for dinner” and many more.

Since having my daughter, words and sentences that I now regularly repeat are “don’t”, “watch out”, “stop”, “be careful”, “slowly”, “are you going to do the bottles”, “ooh stinky poo”, ”time for a nappy change”, “no”, ”naughty”, ”uh-uh”, ”Mommy said no!”

I have realised that as babies get older, so does ones list of reprimands as you are trying to teach them to look after themselves and to set boundaries. Often the reprimands seem to out weight the praises and I realised this weekend that little people still need that positive affirmations even if they are little. Please don’t misunderstand me, I give my little girl a lot of praise and encouragement but I noticed that she tends to need it a bit more when she has learnt to do something. For example, we were in a shop yesterday and she took a necklace off of a rack. I told her “No, please put it back” to which she put it back and promptly took it off again and dropped it on the floor. So I changed tactics and said “Please show Mommy what a big girl you are and put it back on the rack and come and give me a hug!”  I don’t think I have ever seen her put something back so quickly and the hug I received made us both feel very special. Needless to say it then became a game but it didn’t bother me as her smiles made me see how she enjoyed it.

Better words to say!

Being a parent isn’t always sunshine and roses and can be a lot of hard work and sometimes reprimanding is easier than the praise. Sometimes we forget that objects and experiences are often new to them. Sometimes we need a reminder of how it feels to be in their size 4 shoes. Needless to say, my new goals are to change the way I speak when reprimanding her and to do it in a positive but firm manner. The most important goal will be to make sure that she hears more and more just how special she really is.

This she is!

Do you have any tips or things you find to help your child in a positive manner? Suggestions are always welcome! Drop me a mail or leave a comment!

Just the two of us!

Today my hubby and I went on a date day instead of date night. This is when my hubby and I leave my daughter with one of her sets of grandparents for a few hours and go and spend some quality time alone. You might call it something else like couples evening or Mommy and Daddy time.

Some people might say “How can you leave your daughter alone and go and have fun?” but I find it to be a very important thing to do with Hubby. We get to spend time outside of our normal environment and have supper or lunch in a restaurant without the other person going to the play are to check on Bella and eating individually. Sometimes we go and watch a movie together and share a big tub of popcorn and afterwards go window shopping in the Mall. It helps to reconnect us again and grow our relationship as a couple because this is what existed before Bella was born.  If we don’t look after each other on a couple bases as well, it will not be good for Bella as our relationship would deteriorate and eventually we would probably end in divorce. One only realises the importance of them when you haven’t been on date night for a while.

My problem is doing different things within our time frame? Going to the movie all the time can become boring and that’s not what I want our time alone to be! So the challenge is to find new things to do, go and discover as they say and find things adventurous things to do that aren’t going to break the bank! To go where we have never done before and to see things that will blow our minds within the confinements of our town and surrounding towns.

What do you and your partner to keep the spark alive, nothing sexual please but I would love to hear what you have to say?  Leave a comment and I’ll reply to all those that I get! If you aren’t doing a date night, why not start now, plan something simple and go for coffee first or go to the movies? You never know how much you might enjoy it!


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