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Whirlwind and hospitals

What a whirlwind of a day that included the hospital! Tonight calls for a facemask, glass of wine and a big bubble bath! I had to fetch Bella from school early to take her to the nurse, then the doctor and finally the Radiology department at the local hospital for a suspected appendicitis! Thank the Lord she was ok and it wasn’t too serious but my poor nerves are shot! Little Miss has been driving me slightly crazy the past two weeks as she misses her dad who relocated last year. Being around other dads and their daughters can be very hard for her and guess who she turns to as her emotional punching bag…me! I can understand it but even my patience gets tested and depending on the time of the month, I have a lot of it. Daddy is here for business for two days and so B had gone to visit there (last night) and tonight. I must say, seeing him and chatting to him at the hospital was actually nice, no fighting or being rude and it wasn’t about other issues but B. She loved it as well, she often asks when the three of us will go do something but like I have explained to her, it isn’t going to happen.

As you probably know I am going through this get fit/reasonably healthy eating (she hides McD’s wrapper under bed)  phase and I’ve lost more weight! The turkey skin under my arms is starting to firm up and I may have biceps by the end of the year. However, there is more to this development. I love Garnier’s Caffeine Eye roller thingy that de-puffs the bags under your eyes and if you are a night owl like me, makes the black circles under your eyes seem less like the colour of a tyre. One catch, they no longer make it. Sigh. So I have been on a mission to try to find a de-puffer. B also has this fungus that seems to get worse with over the counter creams and lotions.

Before and during..
Before and during..

Enter brainwave whirlwind…Pinterest….How to get rid of fungus naturally/create an de-puffer eye cream…Pin… I am happy to say that I have found a recipe that will work for B (lavender oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil, blend and use) to get rid of the fungus. While doing this I read up on the uses of jojoba oil and decided to give it a try. There are two products that I do not skimp on, one is moisturizer and the other is eye cream. There is a reason that people think I look 27 when I’m 33. So I decided to give the jojoba oil a try. Morning I use my normal creams and at night I rub a drop or two of jojoba oil and rub it into my face and neck. The difference is quite remarkable! My skin feels clearer, softer and just better. I’ve also started to exfoliate twice a week which is also helping a lot!

So wish me luck on my quest for a de-puffer eye cream, if I get the recipe I that works and I like, I will post it !


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Burglar and a cactus

Burglars and a cactus

If you were here you would probably hear a massive sigh! Why you may ask? Well I eventually got my laptop from the IT guy and now I can blog again. Work has been so hectic that I don’t have time to do it during the day! Hello blogging world!

B and I are good! We had some drama a few weeks back when a burglar (man) came into our house at 5am and stole my handbag, bloody hell but it was scary! ID book, wallet and drivers all gone! Luckily my car keys and my cell weren’t in the bag but most importantly, no one was harmed but it freaked us out quite a bit. We are more cautious and I’ve taught B how to dial the police as well as what to do in a case of emergency! We have also been working hard on the not talking to strangers or taking things from people that you don’t know and I must say she has been very good about it. She won’t speak to a stranger unless I do and only then when I tell her it is fine. When we were kids we were taught the same but in this world of human trafficking and kidnapping, I’ve starting teaching her how to behave if someone tries to steal her. Hmmm.

I’m on a DIY mission and I’m making things for B and me! My latest project was that I bought a bunch of tops for Bella that were really cheap (R20 each) and some material flowers and sewed them onto the tops to make them look cuter. I also have a list of things I want to make and I’m going to add a tutorial or two about them here so watch this space! I also have a new thing for cactus’s and different containers that I can put them in! So far I have one in shot glass, tea cup, red pot, rough clay pot, a “quote pot” and I just made two new containers out of wrapping paper, newspapers and tins. Will post a pic soon on it.

I also resigned from my job (queue happy music) and I am starting my new job on Monday! Super excited and I can’t wait for this new venture! Big big smiles! 3 days and counting hehehehehehehehe

Well I will blog a bit more tomorrow, have to get back into the swing of things heeheee! See you soon!


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A change is as good as a holiday

Wayne Dyer

 HI! My name is Abbi (“Hi Abbi”). It’s been (insert crazy bad number here) days since I last blogged. Right, cracking fingers and checking supplies: coffee –check, comfy bed- check, thinking what I should tell you about-radio edit!

I haven’t been blogging for a while as I have been really busy with work and playing with B, correction, I have been writing them but just not posting them as they seemed to be my way of releasing tension and some were slightly explicit. And then something weird happened!

I took the day off work on B’s bday and took her to this local animal farm that we like to go to. B made friends with a little boy and they began to play. His dad, mom and I started chatting and after about two hours we got onto the topic of what we do for a living and the mom, Alison mentioned that she has a children’s skincare range. When she mentioned the name of her company I nearly fell on my back! Her company is Kiddiekix and I had actually spoken to her via email AND reviewed her products before!!! If this wasn’t a sign then I don’t know what is! She encouraged me to start writing again as she had always enjoyed my posts. This got me thinking about other blogs that I had followed where the blogger just stopped writing and how I always wondered what happened to them.

So a little update on the world of Abbi and B:


  • B is now 4 (where has the time gone) and seems to get prettier and more clever as she gets older! She has also lost her first tooth and the tooth fairy came to visit us!
  • I’ve grown my hair and it is the longest since it has been since I was 13 years old
  • Met some amazing new friends who I now love dearly
  • Auditioned for a play and got a very small role but it is a start! First time on stage since I was 18!
  • Have realized how broad my shoulders are with being strong
  • Have started a hardcover diet and I have lost 2kg so far (looks guiltily at the forbidden bowl of popcorn next to me the bed)
  • M is having a baby which is due on my bday and I CANNOT WAIT! Super super excited about the amazing little girl who is going to be entering my life….when they are older B can hook her up with the gents hehehehee
  • 2015 is going to be the year of change and doing things slightly different and more blog post. They say a change is as good as a holiday, 2015 is going to be a shocker! This year, change is going to be banging on the front door, doing things slightly different and more blog posts 🙂
  • B and I saw a hippo in real life for the first time

This of course is a very quick and slightly small summary but hey, beggars can’t be choosers! And there will be more blog posts, don’t worry, mama got a plan! Like I said, 2015 is going to be the year of change!

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Cappuccino’s and dreams

Today I went out for supper with some friends (B is at her dad’s house) and having had 3 cappuccinos today, I can’t sleep! Buts not a bad thing, it just means I’m in a thinking mood and my nails have benefited as they were done while watching a movie! Heehaw one of those nights. People have been asking me when another blog post is going to be coming but I have written so many in my head lately that I figured I should write some of this down!

I made a friend a while ago and we have been speaking about a lot of subjects of late and one is work. I realize that I have become ambitious again. I have a plan that I am working on and although it won’t be overnight, I am going to get somewhere. My career is starting to take off again and although my job isn’t the most stress-free, I am learning so much and having to use the brain God gave me, that I can see a way forward for B and I. I am also starting to enjoy all the different projects that I run and I like the way that things are going forward. This includes you little blog, you are going to be getting some more blogs on a regular basis and I will start to work on the hard plan that I had set out for you! My following on Pinterest is growing by the day and I find get a fright when I see how many of my blog posts are getting repined! J Go Baby Bugs Go!

The other thing that he also helped me to realize is that sometimes what you see isn’t always what you get. He is what they call a “Realist” and funny enough; the man has made me see through a few funny situations. This has been quite a different concept for me as I am a, for a lack of a better word, “Dreamist” and my eyes have been slowly going open. Now don’t misunderstand me, I still believe in love and the beauty of things but for the first time in my life, I don’t just trust people at face value, I look closer first. This doesn’t mean that I have mistrust in people but I don’t just offer up my heart on my sleeve anymore. Do I still daydream, oh hell yeah.  Am I working on what T told me to do, jip everyday! Do I still read a book now and then and go to a far away land, you better believe it. I think that I am just starting to see what is real again because I have had so many things around me in the past few months that haven’t been.

The past few months have been so different. When B is away, my calendar is full and when she is with me, especially on weekends, we always seem to get invited somewhere or doing something. Even if it is just going for breakfast at Spur, just the two of us and sharing the breakfast special that they have. One of my best friends is also home from Miami and I have missed him dearly. It has been so great to spend time with him again.

I think it’s time that I set a few goals again for myself, like real attainable ones that are going to have to be completed at a certain date. Hmm watch this space, they are coming! P.S, one is to start blogging more!




Woolworths and Every Paw Print Counts giveaway!








If you are South African and watch T.V you would have heard all about the rhinos and animal poaching that has been going on. It’s enough to make you sick and I would love to give those poachers a Judo-chop for what they are doing! Enter Woolworths and the “Every Paw Print Counts” Campaign.

What is that you may ask? Woolworth has launched  3 new products and for every pack of ‘Every Paw Print Counts’ Soft Fruit-flavoured Gums sold, R1 will go to protect these endangered animals; for each ‘Every Paw Print Counts’ bracelet R8, and for each reusable ‘Every Paw Print Counts’ shopping bag sold, they will donate R10! I tried the sweets and they were yummy and best of all, contain no milk so B can eat them too although there was nothing but an empty packet by the time I got home! The bag is cute and very durable and will be able to carry anything from shopping to library books to arts and crafts!

It’s great that a big corporate company is helping out the wildlife and environment, a portion of what you pay goes towards helping one of two MyPlanet beneficiaries, the Endangered Wildlife Trust and the Wildlife ACT Fund, for the conservation of the cheetah, rhino and African wild dog. How cool is that, so in fact you are helping the animals and I really like that.

Want to enter a giveaway? Woolworths will give two packets of the sweets and one bag to one lucky winner! How to enter, leave a post on the blog below and tell me one of the animals that will benefit from the fund made? Competition runs from 20 May to 24 May and is open to SA residents! Get entering!


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Sofia the First








When I was a little girl, I dreamed of being a princess when I grew up and would prance around playing dress-up.  I still believe that all women are princesses, we just dress up now in another way!

I was really excited to hear about a new show starting on 11 May at 09:00 for kids aged between 2-7 on Disney Junior on DSTV (channel 309) called Sofia the First. The story is a cartoon story about an average Joe little girl called Sofia whose mother marries the King! She is then transported into a world of glamour, pretty dresses and the life of royalty.  She also gets new step-siblings in the form of Amber and James. This world is strange and new to Sofia and she has many challenges that she has to overcome.

What I like about it is that the story is not just going to be about pretty dresses and glamour but is going to teach little children lessons like how to make friends, how to build new sibling relationships and discovering new skills. Sofia will be a little girl that they can see as a friend and someone that they can relate to. The aim is also to teach children about generosity, kindness and loyalty and that it isn’t what you have or wear, but the princess inside that matters. I like that part as I find many shows today don’t really teach children anything! Sofia will also be having some blasts from my childhood with the fairies Fauna, Flora and Merryweather (fairies seen in Disney’s classic Sleeping Beauty) being in the show as well!

Sofia the First also has an amazing cast doing the voices of the different characters! Starring as the voice of Sofia is Ariel Winter (Modern Family); Sara Ramirez (Grey’s Anatomy) is Queen Miranda; Wayne Brady (Let’s Make A Deal) is Clover; Tim Gunn (Project Runway) is Baileywick; Darcy Rose Byrnes (Desperate Housewives) is Amber; Zach Callison (Land of the Lost) is James; Travis Willingham (Ultimate Spider-Man) is King Roland II; Jess Harnell (Doc McStuffins) is Cedric; Ashley Eckstein (Star Wars: The Clone Wars) is Mia the Bluebird and Meghan Strange (Special Agent Oso) is Robin.  Disney Legend Russi Taylor (Minnie Mouse), Barbara Dirickson and Tress MacNeille (Daisy Duck), bring Fauna, Flora and Merryweather, respectively, to life.  Jennifer Hale provides the voice of Cinderella

So get your snacks ready, grab a blanket and watch Sofia the First on Disney Junior (channel 309) on 11 May 2013 at 09:00 and see this little princess in action!

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