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Wall Art Tutorial

Wall Art Tutorial


I was inspired to post my easy Wall Art Tutorial by a friend that made a similar one for her husband for Father’s Day but with photographs of their children. She put the photographs on canvas for him  with a lovely message to go with it. It made me wake up my creative side and so here is my Wall Art Tutorial.There are so many things that one can make that don’t cost a lot but look effective and expensive.

It took me a total of about 1 hour (including drying time) and cost around R50 to make. Now B has a cute decoration for her room. She choose the pink colour and was very proud in choosing the exact shade that “matches her room”. I am not a pink fan but her room, her “rules”. Without adue, here is my Wall Art Tutorial:

Wall Art Tutorial materials:

  1. Canvas of your choice – you can buy them at any arts and craft shops
  2. Photograph or picture of your choice (I used a card from Typo)
  3. Paint colour of your choice
  4. Paint brush
  5. Glue
  6. Glossy Modge Podge
  7. Black felt pen (optional)

Wall Art Tutorial how to:

  1. Paint the canvas in the colour of your choice and leave to dryWall Art Tutorial
  2. Once the paint has dried, glue the picture onto the canvas
  3. I outlined my picture with the black felt pen to make the picture stand out more Wall Art Tutorial
  4. Paint the Modge Podge over the whole of the canvas and picture to make the picture stick longer
  5. Hang up on the wall and marvel at what you have created!

Hope you enjoyed my Wall Art Tutorial, it really is pretty simple! If you make one, you are welcome to send me a picture of it and I will post it on my blog or Facebook page for you.


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Burglar and a cactus

Burglars and a cactus

If you were here you would probably hear a massive sigh! Why you may ask? Well I eventually got my laptop from the IT guy and now I can blog again. Work has been so hectic that I don’t have time to do it during the day! Hello blogging world!

B and I are good! We had some drama a few weeks back when a burglar (man) came into our house at 5am and stole my handbag, bloody hell but it was scary! ID book, wallet and drivers all gone! Luckily my car keys and my cell weren’t in the bag but most importantly, no one was harmed but it freaked us out quite a bit. We are more cautious and I’ve taught B how to dial the police as well as what to do in a case of emergency! We have also been working hard on the not talking to strangers or taking things from people that you don’t know and I must say she has been very good about it. She won’t speak to a stranger unless I do and only then when I tell her it is fine. When we were kids we were taught the same but in this world of human trafficking and kidnapping, I’ve starting teaching her how to behave if someone tries to steal her. Hmmm.

I’m on a DIY mission and I’m making things for B and me! My latest project was that I bought a bunch of tops for Bella that were really cheap (R20 each) and some material flowers and sewed them onto the tops to make them look cuter. I also have a list of things I want to make and I’m going to add a tutorial or two about them here so watch this space! I also have a new thing for cactus’s and different containers that I can put them in! So far I have one in shot glass, tea cup, red pot, rough clay pot, a “quote pot” and I just made two new containers out of wrapping paper, newspapers and tins. Will post a pic soon on it.

I also resigned from my job (queue happy music) and I am starting my new job on Monday! Super excited and I can’t wait for this new venture! Big big smiles! 3 days and counting hehehehehehehehe

Well I will blog a bit more tomorrow, have to get back into the swing of things heeheee! See you soon!


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