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Peter Pan stole it

Peter Pan stole it

Peter Pan stole it. Yes he did. He stole our hearts.

Peter Pan has always been one of my favourite stories because I love the mermaids, magic and the belief in things that are innocent. I was invited to come to the media night and I was allowed to bring a little person. One guess who I took?

We have read the story of Peter Pan a million times and we both love Wendy although I like Tiger Lilly a little more than B does.  Peter Pan will be showing at Canal Walk Shopping Centre and this would be the first time that B had ever been to the theatre. We arrived at Canal Walk 3 hours before the show started, walked around and had some dinner. Hmm and then the last hour it was “Mama is it time yet?” every 5 minutes as she was just SO excited.

She had reason to be as the show was really good and the cast interacted with the crowd. The kids stared in amazement as Peter Pan flew over the crowd and sprinkled Fairy Dust on them so that could fly with him to Neverland.  The cast also came off the stage and walked between the audiences for one number. The boy in a row ahead of us could not believe it when the brave Panther walked up to him “greeted” him. We clapped and screamed really hard to save Tinkerbell after she drank the poison to save Peter Pan and were delighted when she stood up! And in that moment Peter Pan flew into her heart as well as a love for the theatre.

Peter Pan cast

I really enjoyed the fact that although B could see the wires that helped Peter Pan fly, she still stared at him in wonder and got a bit of that Little Girl charm back. Her eyes sparkled and her mouth looked like she was sucking a lolly pop as her lips formed a perfect O.

Giving back….

If you are a fan of J.M Barrie you will know that he gave the rights of Peter Pan to the Great Ormond Street Children’s Hospital in London to help raise funds for the hospital.  With this in mind Canal Walk Shopping Centre , will donate proceeds from this production to the LEAP Science and Maths Schools initiative. This is in addition to the sum of R250 000 that will be donated by the Hyprop Foundation.

But there is more to this story ad to celebrate Madiba Day, Canal Walk Shopping Centre have request that people please bring a can/s of food and leave it at Toys R Us in Canal Walk. With the Rhodes Food Group (they do a lot of canned foods i.e. jams) who is also a sponsor for the day,, extra support for this worthy cause will be generated through the building of a giant mosaic made out of tins of food.  You are invited to help transform the Food Court at Canal Walk Shopping Centre with the building of this mosaic artwork on 18 July 2017.  Theatregoers and shoppers are also invited to donate-a-can to the cause, by dropping off one or more tins of food at the Toys R Us store in Canal Walk.

Make a date to escape to Neverland by booking tickets through: or at the venue.

  • Dates:                                                                Saturday, 1 July to Sunday, 23 July 2017
  • Show times:                                                      Tuesday to Sunday at 11am, 12.30pm and 2pm
  • Venue:                                                                Canal Walk Theatre – Central Court
  • Ticket price:                                                       R80 – Book at Computicket
  • Based on the classic play by:                          J. M Barrie
  • Music and lyrics by:                                          Marcel Meyer
  • Directed by:                                                       Fred Abrahamse
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Crazy World

The past few months has been crazy world of ups, downs, joy, happiness and just plain madness. Work has been manically hectic and there has been a few nights that I have worked late or even gone in on a Friday night to sort out problems. Most nights I have been passing out by 21:30 / 22:00 and this from a night owl! I was offered another job, got the position and convinced to stay with my present company by the powers that be. One of my colleagues also died and it has been quite hard to say the least! As you can imagine, I have been a bit of a stress ball!

Also started studying again but often I look at the books and decide that it will be done tomorrow nigh…..Getting it done is hard after working a full day but I need to book to do my exam in the next month or three so I have time *gulp*

I am pretty lucky in that I have seven days of leave that will expire if I don’t take them. For a work –aholic this is going to be interesting but I am actually SO happy for once as I need some good old me time. So Madame is taking her vouchers she got for her birthday and having her hair cut and nails done tomorrow and just spending some good old me time. Add coffee, a good book and a fun, out of my routine event tomorrow night and it will be pretty close to being perfect! I promise to try not to worry about work.

I have also done a lot of thinking the past while and cried a good few tears. The whole thing with Mr Green really hurt, I am still in love with him but mostly I miss my friend. The most messed up part is that this whole ending is based on an assumption without all the relevant facts or a proper face to face discussion and that is what irritates me. Thank God I know he and his friends don’t read blogs hehehehe.

A dear friend says that I need to look up and see the other guys around me, in the crazy world of dating, that are trying to get my attention but to be honest I am not interested right now.  A friend is trying to convince me that I need to go on a date with his friend as we are perfect for each other and we will get along like a house on fire. It’s not that I don’t see them, I am not blind but I would rather heal properly than jump into something and then all hell breaks loose. I went on Tinder for all of two days and deleted the app. For me to say I love someone romantically is pretty hectic in my books and it’s the first time in 4 years that it has happened.

In between all this I get a Facebook friend request. From He Who Shall Not Be Named (as he is called by my besties) or my Nemesis as I call him.  After all the circles we ran around each other he sends me a request now. Are. You. Shitting. Me? I nearly fell off my chair when I saw that one!  Mr Dolphin, Nick and Tin Man have been really amazing and check up on me all the time to make sure I am ok. Mr Dolphin has had a few late night discussions with me on the merits of things and I am really grateful to him for being such a sweetie pie. I am trying to move on in my way and I when I am healed completely at least it will be on my terms.

Crazy World Silver lining…

I have discovered a new hobby, made some really nice friends and I am planning a weekend/night away with the girls! We are also going to enter in an obstacle race and 5km race so we are getting there. There is an attempt to entice me to do a 42km race. This dear reformed couch potatoe likes the small distances and races where I can walk in between!  B is doing really really well at school and I am Super Super proud of her! She is getting so tall and is almost as long as me!! She has been such a sweetie pie and growing into a beautiful young lady!

Well that’ it for now, sleep tight and don’t let the bed bugs bite!



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A case of bronchitis and pineapples


The sun is shining outside and right now I am under a blanket with a box of tissues and a nice fat case of bronchitis! Yes life has a habit of throwing curveballs at one when you least expect it. Mine came in the form of bronchitis!

Life has been a bit different of late! If you had told me what I know now 6 months ago, I would have thought that you were crazy. That it would never happen and that you were on very strong meds. But what has happened has happened and boom goes my immune system after weeks of being strong. Just my body’s way of saying  “hey, take a chill pill, here’s some bronchitis”. This little chill pill is freaking me out as I cannot go to work and so I feel as if I am climbing a wall. I am a little bit of a workaholic lol.

I have always believed in hope. Hope is what has kept me sane since a kid and often gotten me into crazy situations, some with good outcomes and some with not so good outcomes. I recently met someone and I am terrified to the core to get close to him. I really like him but hope sometimes has an outcome of making the heart hurt. We shall see what shall happen. Time shall tell. I believe in being like a pineapple, stand tall and wear a crown regardless of what happens. Bronchitis and all.

My darling sister Jessi  was also here for a month, we had amazing times doing crazy things like swimming at 10pm in the hot springs, or watching rugby together. I really miss that she has gone now. I love her to bits and pieces. When she is here we always seem to get up to mischief. Just a few more months and she will be back!

Regardless of the above, I had been getting fit, started doing a Zumba class once a week and my legs are starting to feel the toning of it. B has gone with me a few times and I have released how much she loves to dance ! She is constantly showing me moves and wiggling her arms and legs around. She is actually a pretty good singer and dancer! Next year I am thinking of sending her for modern dancing classes.

My fetish for cacti has also increased and my online following on Instagram is getting bigger and bigger from the pictures that I have been posting.  Seems I am not the only one who loves them J

I will be blogging more now, I just can’t get to my emails as my laptop is acting up and the email addy for this blog is on there but if you want to contact me, I can be on I miss the laptop so much!!!!

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Wall Art Tutorial

Wall Art Tutorial


I was inspired to post my easy Wall Art Tutorial by a friend that made a similar one for her husband for Father’s Day but with photographs of their children. She put the photographs on canvas for him  with a lovely message to go with it. It made me wake up my creative side and so here is my Wall Art Tutorial.There are so many things that one can make that don’t cost a lot but look effective and expensive.

It took me a total of about 1 hour (including drying time) and cost around R50 to make. Now B has a cute decoration for her room. She choose the pink colour and was very proud in choosing the exact shade that “matches her room”. I am not a pink fan but her room, her “rules”. Without adue, here is my Wall Art Tutorial:

Wall Art Tutorial materials:

  1. Canvas of your choice – you can buy them at any arts and craft shops
  2. Photograph or picture of your choice (I used a card from Typo)
  3. Paint colour of your choice
  4. Paint brush
  5. Glue
  6. Glossy Modge Podge
  7. Black felt pen (optional)

Wall Art Tutorial how to:

  1. Paint the canvas in the colour of your choice and leave to dryWall Art Tutorial
  2. Once the paint has dried, glue the picture onto the canvas
  3. I outlined my picture with the black felt pen to make the picture stand out more Wall Art Tutorial
  4. Paint the Modge Podge over the whole of the canvas and picture to make the picture stick longer
  5. Hang up on the wall and marvel at what you have created!

Hope you enjoyed my Wall Art Tutorial, it really is pretty simple! If you make one, you are welcome to send me a picture of it and I will post it on my blog or Facebook page for you.


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Tre Restaurant review

Tre Restaurant

Tre Rest

I’m a little quirky and  anything that’s different or interesting will get my attention.  Enter Tre Restaurant with its Steampunk vibe. The theme is inspired by Sherlock Holmes and there is wonderful and warm ambiance! The decor is mind blowing  but not overpowering or distracting. Lets start at the beginning..

 The Food Menu

Tre Restaurant Food

The food menu is to die for with a wide variety of foods like a Jack Daniels Hamburger (the patty is soaked in the whiskey), banting options and fresh baked goods. An interesting addition is that you can also customize your meal by choosing what you would like your food cooked in be it Sunflower Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Palm Oil or Avocado Oil.

Since I’ve come back from the UK, I have been dying to try deep fried ice-cream and on a recent visit to Tre Restaurant, I managed to have it. They coated the ice-cream  in bread and cookie crumbs and then fried it in hot oil. When I cut into the ball, the ice-cream inside ooooozed out.  To say I was a happy girl is to say the least! Best of all, the food presentation is vivid and you can even eat the fresh flowers that it gets served with. The chips come in little metal pots and some meals are served on a wooden board. Just writing about it makes me hungry!

The Drinks Menu


Then of course there is the wonderful cocktail menu! You can choose between alcoholic or non-alcoholic drinks and there is a very wide variety. Tre Restaurant also supports local crafters and recently had GinFest, an evening with different types of Gin for sale from the likes of Bombay Sapphire, Hendrik’s Gin and  Hope on Hopkins Distillery . I heard it was a lot of fun! They are having a Brandy and Braai Festival on the 25 June and this seems to be very promising! Get more details here. And last but not least..

 Something for the kiddies

The nice thing about Tre Restaurant is that they also cater for children and their prices are not bad. There is a wide variety of things for children to eat and its healthy in a sneaky way. Kinda like my spaghetti bolognaise that’s filled with vegetables!

Tre Restaurant is in Somerset West but sadly soon will be leaving for the wonderful life of Cape Town and Bree Street! Although I’m going to miss them, I think the people of CPT are going to love them! Have a look at their website to keep up to date as to where they are or to make a booking. Hmmm I could do with a cappuccino now…..

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