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Cotton On Kids new Snoopy range

Cotton On Kids Snoopy Range

I have always been a fan of Cotton On Kids, Cotton On and my favourite of course being Typo!  I LOVE when they have sales and I will spend hours in there! B is going through a girly phase (think pink, glitter, tights and boots) and add a dash of black and you have the picture!  Today we went to Cotton On Kids and they were having a 50% sale! Be still my beating heart!  We bought some amazing things there including a pair of pink tights with gold strips and she even chose a top with pink sequins!!!!!!! I wanted a top with bunny ears and the cutest face but they didn’t have my size! Sigh! Wish they had all these prints when I was a kid!! I have a few pics but will post them on Instagram Have a look and let me know what you think?

Cotton On Kids new Snoopy range

Cotton On Kids has launched a new versatile Snoopy range with well designed tops,  pants and leggings! The prices are reasonable and the designs are colourful but not too flamboyant. There is even a few Charlie Brown’s to be found! The material is nice and warm for the winter with a few lighter pieces for those that get hot quickly and refuse to believe that it is winter!

Snoopy Top

Go to your nearest Cotton On Kids and have a look, you will be pleasantly surprised!

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Writing has and always will be a therapeutic way for me to deal with stuff. Mom stuff, life stuff and just general stuff that happens. The problem comes in when I stop writing and you may have noticed I have not done so for a while. Enter Confusion

Right now I am more confused than a budgie that got caught in a snow Which way is up and which way is down? Or in my case, what is the right route to take. My heart says one thing and my brain says another and so we have gotten to the Confusion Crossroads…oh joy! Why can life not be more simple? Boy meets girl, they fall in love the end. Now adays dating is so bloody confusing and if you have a kid add another whole ball game to the sphere. Lord have mercy! I don’t need a man, I want a man and that is a very big difference! I can be full of shit and demanding, I admit to that, I don’t deny it for a minute but falling for someone now adays  can hurt like a thousand needles in one’s bum….aka Confusion. The Stubborn Abbi is up in arms, the Love Child Abbi is in the cupboard crying, the Warrior Abbi is ready to prove herself and the Sensitive Abbi has taken over and we fear for our sanity!

The thing is relationships are always going to have their ups and downs. There is no perfect relationship and anyone that says there is has their heads in the clouds and need to come back to earth. One thing a relationship needs is communication and without it well you might as well pack up shop. This refers to any kind of relationship be it friendship or love. Both people need to fight for the other, can’t have one doing all the work.  I admit, since getting divorced I am a Runner and a Pusher. A Runner is someone that has very high and strong walls around their hearts. Shit gets too real and on comes the takkies and we are outta there in a dust cloud. Relationship done, alt control delete goodbye. A Pusher is reformed Runner that now and then pushes the other person away to see if they will come back or fight for you when they get too close. Everyone else left so what makes this one so different?  I “may” have a few commitment issues….just putting it out there…..But strangely this time I did get freaked out and gave the shoes a little wash and “may” have pushed a few times but I stayed. That in itself scared the crap out of me because I do not get close to guys in that way. Friends yes but dating or relationships of any love kind, oh no honey, bly weg! I don’t want a Prince Charming or Mr Right on a horse coming to save me.  In the beginning when I did start to panic, a friend said take a chance, you never know and so I did. Seems the last push pushed too far and now I am back in the dating pool…God help us! I’ve been very hurt, angry and miserable the past few days but since writing this, I’ve realized that a lot of the confusion is directed at myself. How did I let a man get so close, I’ve never done that before?  The walls will now be built so high that the Eiffel Tower will look like an ant!

And in comes Confusion! Once you have broken down concrete walls, how do you build them up again? Once you have shown someone the inside of you that you never let any other man see, not even your ex-husband, how the hell do you fix it? Unfortunately for some I am not one of those women that look for the nearest “warm lyfie” to fix the hole as I feel you end up hurting yourself more. I hate the saying “Time heals all wounds”..I’m too impatient for that, I want it now but that my dear friends is also a fairytale. Worst is, I miss him, our silly random conversations and play fighting. And so I will live with the confusion, build the wall brick by brick with the strongest form of concrete possible and no man will ever see that part of me again. It will remain mine and I refuse to show it to anyone (Stubborn Abbi is back). Do I still believe in hope? Ask me at a later stage because right now the jury is out on that one.


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Typo review

Just a few Typo products
                                                                         Just a few Typo products

“Typo, oh Typo how do I love thee, let me count the ways?”

I am a fan or actually I am a Typo addict! When we walk past the shop in the Mall B says “Look Mom, it’s your shop”. Why the fascination you may ask? Well three simple words: Quirky and Super Cool!

They have some really interesting designs from a Pugg themed range to a Cat theme range to a Pineapple theme range! I also love their notebooks that have dividers in the books and pockets where you can store things. They have large and small books and each of them have crazy but fun messages! The pillows are colourful and have sayings that make you laugh. Then there are the fridge magnets and cards! We have a few of magnets on our fridge and I have burst out laughing like a crazy person in the store quite a few times reading them. I also have a thing for cacti in interesting containers and some of my favorite holders (like the three teacup cacti holders connected to one) come from Typo. Another fantastic thing…coffee cups!

See what I mean?
                                                                                       See what I mean?

They often has sales and I have picked up THE most awesome gifts for people that seem incredibly expensive but they aren’t. You have to look closely when there is a sale as often the best things are at the bottom. The best and worst place to take me is to the Typo and Cotton On factory shops in Access Park in Kenilworth!!!! Talk about BARGAINS galore! The shop makes a Typo addict like myself sit holding the basket in the corner and rocking like back and forth..”My precious”!!!

Go and look at one of their shops or look at their Facebook page! You won’t be disappointed!

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The Goal List

B and I have The Goal List and it is a fun way to keep us busy. With winter almost here I am finding that I feel very restless at the moment. Although I enjoy watching tv now and then, I get bored doing it every night and so the quest has started to find something to keep me busy.

I have a very special friend who always seems to inspire me. Besides our discussions on history, politics, the Victorian era, the royal families around the world, music and operas’s, we also talk about things that motivate us. He makes my brain work in a million ways and I love our discussions. One thing about him is that he is always trying to better himself and somehow this always seems to rub off on me.  Everyday he challenges me, without him knowing, to try harder, learn more and to achieve more. This inspired me to start The Goal List.

The Goal List makes you feel like this
The Goal List makes you feel like this

At the beginning of the month, B and I will always right a list of things or goals that we would like to do for the month. We each have our own list and as we do them we cross them off. This way, at the end of the month, we have achieved something and not having a whole month disappearing. This is part of The Goal List for May for example:

  • Loose 5kg (3kg done)
  • 5km walk with B (tick)
  • A festival (tick)
  • Tooth fixed (tick)
  • Make a headboard for B
  • Sell something from the garage (tick)
  • Design on TV

B’s list included:

  • Teddy bear tea party (tick)
  • Sleepover at a friend (tick)

As it is the 31 May it’s time to start the new list and I am on the lookout for things to do. I think it’s about time I took out the knitting needles and make a hat for myself. Or maybe knit a blanket for charity, haven’t done anything like that for a while. My creative side is feelings stifled and I think it’s time I make something. Watch this space and you can do it with me! Do you have goals?



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Whirlwind and hospitals

What a whirlwind of a day that included the hospital! Tonight calls for a facemask, glass of wine and a big bubble bath! I had to fetch Bella from school early to take her to the nurse, then the doctor and finally the Radiology department at the local hospital for a suspected appendicitis! Thank the Lord she was ok and it wasn’t too serious but my poor nerves are shot! Little Miss has been driving me slightly crazy the past two weeks as she misses her dad who relocated last year. Being around other dads and their daughters can be very hard for her and guess who she turns to as her emotional punching bag…me! I can understand it but even my patience gets tested and depending on the time of the month, I have a lot of it. Daddy is here for business for two days and so B had gone to visit there (last night) and tonight. I must say, seeing him and chatting to him at the hospital was actually nice, no fighting or being rude and it wasn’t about other issues but B. She loved it as well, she often asks when the three of us will go do something but like I have explained to her, it isn’t going to happen.

As you probably know I am going through this get fit/reasonably healthy eating (she hides McD’s wrapper under bed)  phase and I’ve lost more weight! The turkey skin under my arms is starting to firm up and I may have biceps by the end of the year. However, there is more to this development. I love Garnier’s Caffeine Eye roller thingy that de-puffs the bags under your eyes and if you are a night owl like me, makes the black circles under your eyes seem less like the colour of a tyre. One catch, they no longer make it. Sigh. So I have been on a mission to try to find a de-puffer. B also has this fungus that seems to get worse with over the counter creams and lotions.

Before and during..
Before and during..

Enter brainwave whirlwind…Pinterest….How to get rid of fungus naturally/create an de-puffer eye cream…Pin… I am happy to say that I have found a recipe that will work for B (lavender oil, coconut oil, shea butter, jojoba oil and coconut oil, blend and use) to get rid of the fungus. While doing this I read up on the uses of jojoba oil and decided to give it a try. There are two products that I do not skimp on, one is moisturizer and the other is eye cream. There is a reason that people think I look 27 when I’m 33. So I decided to give the jojoba oil a try. Morning I use my normal creams and at night I rub a drop or two of jojoba oil and rub it into my face and neck. The difference is quite remarkable! My skin feels clearer, softer and just better. I’ve also started to exfoliate twice a week which is also helping a lot!

So wish me luck on my quest for a de-puffer eye cream, if I get the recipe I that works and I like, I will post it !


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MamaMagic, The Baby Expo giveaway

expo 2

MamaMagic, The Baby Expo. I remember going to this with Bella when she had started walking and how excited she had been seeing Barney and Nina and the Neurons. Look she screamed like a banshee when she had to go close to him but the MamaMagic, The Baby Expo brings back fond memories.

From 12 – 15 May 2016, MamaMagic, The Baby Expo have its amazing four day exhibition filled with the best in all things pregnancy, baby and toddler. With hundreds of brands exhibiting, MamaMagic boasts the most sought after and internationally recognised exhibitors, giving parents access to some of the most exclusive and innovative pregnancy and parenting products or services, covering all aspects for the babies and toddlers.


Huggies will provide parents with free informative sessions at the Huggies Expert’s Lounge where youwill get the chance to sit in on free, short talks providing advice, tip and tricks from the best specialists. The BeSafe Car Safety Centre will also provide parents with useful insight into how to handle a carjacking with a child on board as well as cover basic child friendly defensive driving techniques. In this day and age we all need tips like these!

MamaMagic,The Baby Expo
MamaMagic,The Baby Expo

For parents with those with kids who want to shop “in peace” for a while without the kids, MamaMagic it has partnered with Huggies Nappy Pants and Lego Duplo to provide two play areas to keep kiddies entertained. These play zones are age appropriate and encourage free movement, physical and mental development in children.

Pregnant fairies are in for the biggest treat thanks to the Pampers Baby on Board competition that will see one lucky winner walk away with a comprehensive birthing and parenting starter pack valued over R 147 000!

Barney will be there to entertain the kids  and although tickets to the Barney show are free, they must be booked through Computicket to secure a seat. Tickets are on sale at Computicket outlets and online.

For more information and to book tickets visit, check out our Facebook page, or follow us on Twitter @MamaMagicSA or Instagram MamaMagicSA.

The Giveaway….

The giveaway is 2 x double tickets to MM and the Barney show and winners can choose any day they wish to attend:

  • Each tickets admits one adult and two kids (please provide their ages)
  • Tickets/Entrance to the Barney shows (which will be held at 10, 12, 2 and 4)
  • Meet and Greet with Barney (these are held daily after the 4pm show)
  • Barney goodie bag for the kids

To enter: name a children’s brand that you really trust and recommend in the comments section! Competition ends 11 May 2016 and winners will be announced via Facebook!


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Facemask that beat me


Nothing like a good old facemask to make one feel good and happy! Also a good facemask can make you look amazing!

A few people have told me that I look 27/28 and this is great especially when you are 33! Granted I have learnt to take better care of my skin and my body as a whole and I am 6kg away from being the weight I was when I met my ex husband 10 years ago! I also have Bobbi Brown’s free makeup classes to thank but I’m going on a tangent here. So back to the story about the facemask.

As you might know, I LOVE Pinterest and have a board with homemade scrubs, masks etc. So I found one which helps to take away impurities on your skin. It’s pretty simple and made of gelatin and milk. The website warns that you should not put the facemask on your eyebrows as it can pull them out…Little old me goes “Seriously?” but ok noted. So I follow the directions, put on the facemask and wait the prescribed time. My face looks I have cling film wrapped around it as it dries but ok, they said it was good…..Then I had to take it off slowly and carefully. Well let me just tell you that I must have said every swear word possible in my head as I took it off. I think every little hair that was on my face came off at that exact moment! My face was so red it looked like I had taken a layer of skin physically off and add the fact that I had red hair..I looked like a little red troll!  Granted it did work and I shuddered to think what would have happened if I had gotten it on my eyebrows! A new brand of wax maybe? I would not recommend it as wax though!!! It won’t deter me from using other facesmasks and I am already planning my next scrub to make from ground coffee granules (you can get the directions here)

coffee scrub

Have a look on my board if you want some ideas to try and if they give a caution with the facemask/scrub etc. then pay attention to it, unless you want to have no eyebrows!

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Cotton On sleepwear for kids

I love Cotton On Kids new Sleepwear range! With Winter slowly making itself known, the PJ’s are The cutest ever! They are bright and colourful and the whimsical tones, unique designs and quirky patterns are sure to make your little one feel all warm  and fuzzy!

cotton on 2

All girls that love to sparkle can, with the amazing selection of Easter and Miffy PJ sets, and boys can be little superheros in the retro Superman and Batman PJ sets (two forR400 or R299 each). Think gold, glitter and pretty! Teenagers  are also taken care of  with Free by Cotton On  with the polka dot nightie (R299) and colourful PJ sets (R399). Have I mentioned that I love polka dots?

I also love the new printed tops and I have developed a thing for printed or pictures of bunnies and I am loving their designs! Bedtime outfits wouldn’t be complete without a character themed novelty gown R269, the hoods with floppy bunny ears or critter monster ears are sure to make for plenty of bedtime fun. Clue the  Home Boots at R199 are perfect to keep those little toes snug for top to toe fun.

Cotton On KIDS also has a nice range of quirky cushions, fun accessories and comfy kids bedding from the Room range. The designs and colour pallet matches back with the new sleepwear collection and prices start at R149 for the pillowcases to R599 for the double quilt covers!


Cotton On Kids have the a wonderful range of clothes and I recommend you go have a look! You are welcome to send a pic of your little one wearing them and I will post it! 

This week I think it’s time that I posted a nice recipe for hot chocolate and some yummy stew! What do you think? Something that is healthy though and not a million and one calories! Something banting or paleo but also yummy! Keep an eye out!

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WTF positively

Today has been one of those days that when at the end of it you go WTF? I had a car accident this morning and strangely enough I had a day dream the other day about meeting a sexy hot dr after having a fender bender (Mills and Bloom moment hahah) and the guy in the accident turned out to be a…wait for it..dr! Then I went to go report it at the poice station, I saw a woman that looked very familiar. I was in so much shock that I didn’t look properly and had to look again! It was my bestie Michelle! Wtf? Strangely enough she had an appointment at the police station but told me later that she has mixed up the dates and was actually not meant to be there at all. Seeing her made me relax A LOT!

My friend who is a mechanic happened to have time off and came to look at my car (sweety pie). Strangely enough he leaves for Namibia tonight…another twist. Car also doesn’t have that much damage…phew.

Then work was well madness as it seems people think today was Friday and last minute changes made me want to scream but hey, such is life. But..I heard today that I passed my advanced Excel course that the company sent me on! Yayness!

Get home and all our favourite programs are on TV and best of all for B, her dad actually bothered to call! Got B to bed and so its “Me Time” and what happens to be on..The Hunger Games. This movie helped me soooooooo much when I was getting divorced as it had just come out and I was feeling low and sad. I would put it on for the music and to remind myself that no matter how shit things were, at least I didn’t have to go through what they did and it helped me get stronger. I have a Pinterest board for it if you want to see some pics of them!

the hunger games

I also got a message this evening from a very dear friend whose silver lining has just started to show!

So all in all I learnt today that you have to be careful for what you wish for! There is also so much to be grateful for and with everything negative, there is always something positive! Did anything great happen to you today?

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Cowgirl and scales

I realized this evening that I have not blogged in a while and that posting them in my head doesn’t exactly count…This month I’ve been a Cowgirl!

Lately there has been a show down happening. Let me set the scene: imagine a hot dessert town, the wind blowing and ladies gathering their children in their skirts to keep them away from danger. Two cowgirls approach each other, one with skinny jeans, a cowboy hat and a tight corset, the other round with stubby legs and digital eyes. They call the stubby girl “The Scale” and the other girl Abbi. Cue music and men coming out of bars to see the commotion. Abbi draws and shoots “The Scale” right between the eyes so that it drops 7kg off its figures but not before it takes a shot and hits the buttons on Abbi’s corset and out pops what was left of her tummy! Yes the scale and I have been fighting lately but I have managed to loose 7kgs. At the moment I’m on the 28 day diet and to be honest I’ve cheated so much I make an American politician look trustworthy! But all good things come to those that wait so I’m going to keep working on it.

Cowgirl takes on The Scale

I also fell head over heads for a cute boy with a cute smile and then found my feet. You win some you loose some but at least one learns…

B and I have been having some interesting adventures i.e we went camping and did some really Mommy and Me things. Lately though I have been a bit distracted with other things happening and she has been such a trooper about it! #Lovemykid!

Right that’s an update for now, I kinda got over what was stopping my blog before so it should get better now!

Sleep tight!


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Christmas with Groupon

Christmas is around the corner and finding time to go to the shops has been a mission for me! Luckily there is Groupon!

They have a wide variety of things and I love the fact that the prices are so reasonable!

If you are looking for gifts for her – Groupon has spa treatments, a studio photoshoot, wine tours, romantic dining experiences and much more. To find more deals for her, look here!

Groupon Spa

Want to spoil hubby or boyfriend this festive season? Groupon has amazing deals that won’t break the bank. Treat him to a beer tasting and tour at Stellenbrau Brewery. If he is a bit of an adrenaline junky, Groupon offers shark cage diving, a supercar driving experience or a zipline tree-top slide for him and his friends to enjoy.

Groupn beer tasting


Find more deals for him here!

Have your little ones been naughty or nice this year? Groupon has a selection of gifts for kids such as two hours of go karting at Berg Toys, Cool runnings day pass and so much more.

groupon kids

Find more gifts for kids here!

I really like the idea of the idea of rock climbing!

Have fun!!!

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Col’Cacchio Pizzeria review

As you might have noticed, I haven’t blogged for a while. Its not for a lack of ideas, trust me I write a blog post most mornings on the way to work in my head. It is purely for a lack of time!

So it was nice for to have some Me time and go out with a girlfriend and have lunch! Oh and were we in for a treat. We went to Col’Cacchio Pizzeria at Canal Walk to test the Aegean Pizza that is part of the Col’Cacchio Pizzeria Celebrity Chef Series. This is an amazing initiative whereby money is donated from the sales of the pizza to charity! Not many companies doing this!

Col'Cacchio Pizzeria
Col’Cacchio Pizzeria

I had the Aegean pizza with a hummus base with mozzarella, spinach, feta, miso cured lamb, Peppadew® Piquanté Peppers, tahini mayo , phyllo flakes created by Jabu Mahlangu (Former Bafana Bafana, Orlando Pirates and Kaizer Chiefs midfielder) and Ivor Jones (Head Chef Ivor Jones manages the day to day operations of ever award winning The Test Kitchen).

Col'Cacchio Pizzeria
Col’Cacchio Pizzeria

The tahini mayo was delicious and the lamb was juicy and tender. The pizza was a little dry but I enjoyed it. My friend had a half and half pizza with deboned ribs and corn on the one side and chicken curry on the other which was scrumptious!

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria
Col’Cacchio Pizzeria

The nice thing about Col’Cacchio Pizzeria is that they also do wheat free and banting pizza and other food options! So you can have your pizza and not worry about the extra carbs!

My friend had the chocolate brownies and ice-cream and I tasted some of it. Oh My Word! Talk about wiping drool off one’s face! I had the banting cheesecake and while it was nice, after tasting the brownies, nothing can compare!

Col’Cacchio Pizzeria
Col’Cacchio Pizzeria

We had really great service, the plates were clean, food was hot and it was a very relaxing atmosphere! I would definitely recommend going there again! Have a look at their website to find a store close to you! Hmm now I feel like pizza


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