Barbie launches a new movie!


If you have a daughter, by now I am sure that you have watched Barbie movies at least a million times and know all the words!

If you love Barbie, have a daughter that is Barbie mad or know of a Barbie fan, then raise your voice and enter the Barbie Show Us Your Shine competition by submitting a video of your best performance of “What if I shine”, a song from the new Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals DVD. There are prizes to the value of R15 000 up for grabs and a chance to attend the exclusive DVD launch event on Saturday, 12 September at Montecasino, Johannesburg.

The DVD will officially be released on 11 September and will be available at all leading retailers. You can also beat the crowds and pre-order your copy on the competition website:

Barbie_Rock_N_Royals_DVD_3D_Trade_Packshot (2)

In the new Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals movie, Barbie is Princess Courtney. A mix-up sends her to Camp Pop and Erika, a famous rock star, to Camp Royalty. With a lot of determination and support from their friends, Princess Courtney and Erika achieve amazing things. Barbie honors heroes like Princess Courtney and Erika who help break boundaries and prove girls can be anything they want to be. The message: everyone can unlock their dreams if they just try.

So hurry, find your superpower within and get mom or dad to record your performance – you can sing, dance or play air guitar – just Show Us Your Shine! Competition entries are officially open and will close on 6 September.

#BarbieRocksSA! Enter and win amazing prizes and giveaways!

To enter the competition, go to and watch the music video of the Barbie song “What If I Shine”. You can download the song and lyrics to practice then ask mom or dad to make a video of your performance. Fill out the entry form on the website and upload your video.

For the Show Us Your Shine competition winners, there are fabulous prizes up to the value of R15 000. These include: a studio recording experience with friends, Edgars fashion vouchers, the new Barbie Rock ‘n Royals Princess Courtney and Erika dolls and playset, a Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals guitar and much more.

There are other great prizes up for grabs on the website too like tickets to the exclusive DVD launch event which is by invitation only. The website also has information about the awesome new singing Courtney and Erika Barbie dolls which both have 2-in-1 Rock to Royal transformation accessories and the new Rock ‘n Royals clothing, guitar, soundtrack, colouring books and duvet sets.

Twelve finalists will be chosen. Their videos will be uploaded to the website where the public can vote for their favourites until Tuesday, 8 September. All 12 finalists will be invited to attend the launch event of the Barbie in Rock ‘n Royals DVD at Montecasino and meet local singing sensation PJ Powers! The winner will be announced at the event where there will also be photo opportunities with Barbie, a sing-along and a screening of the new DVD at Il Grande cinema. All kids attending will receive a Barbie goodie bag filled with lovely Barbie products. Spot prizes can also be won throughout the event.


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Unilever brightFuture campaign

Unilever Bright future

Life is so rushed now adays, we rush to get to work, rush to get home, rush to finish our cleaning and cooking and rush to bed. Everything is faster and technology and and and. I recently found out about this campagin from Unilever and it surprised me as here was a large global company taking the time to stop and see how they could help people and communities.

Unilever has a campaign running called the #BrightFutureSa campagain.

In June and July Unilever ignited the brightFuture conversation with the country’s most influential citizens – children. After encouraging South Africans to view and share the brightFuture video, “The Way Kids See It” Unilever challenged parents to inspire us with their kids’ world-changing inventions and ideas, offering five bursaries of R10 000 as prizes for the best ideas.

Unilever Bright Future

In August, Unilever will showcase and celebrate people that they believe are our future South African leaders. Young men and women who are taking action to create a brightFuture for South Africa. Youth who have chosen to commit their talents and skills to positive change. One of these leaders is Thato Kgatlhanye. She has positively impacted her community and our country and represents the possibility of a brighter future for both South Africa and the world.

A social entrepreneur, Thato saw an opportunity to make a positive impact in her community and now has a thriving business that changes lives.  Together with a friend, they invented the Repurpose Schoolbag. Made from recycled plastic, the schoolbag includes a solar panel that charges while kids walk to school and transforms into a study light by night.  We believe that honoring and sharing stories such as hers, will serve as inspiration for others. I received one of these bags and they are truly amazing! Now to pass it on 😉

Unilever Bright Future

Unilever brightFuture is a platform that helps unite and amplify the efforts of a growing community of people who believe it is possible to build a world where everyone lives well and lives sustainable, who recognise we can only achieve this if we all work together to do small actions every day that make a real difference and who inspire others to join us in making this the way everyone chooses to live.

How can you get involved? Spread the news via Twitter (#BrightFutureSa) and Facebook and tell me a about a young leader that has inspired you through their commitment to sustainability. I will choose my favourite young person from these suggestions and tell Unilever about it, they may be chosen to be showcased. The winner from the overall Unilever competition will receive a R2 500 donation to their sustainability initiative. The person who nominated them will receive a Unilever product hamper. Their campaign ends the 28 August so start recommending people!


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Petit Love voucher up for grabs!

Petit Love

Petit Love

One of my best friends just had a baby and she is so adorable! This of course leads to me noticing everything cute for babies! I recently came across a fantastic company….Petite Love!

They have a wide selection of goods ranging from toys to the most amazing dresses! They also stock some of my favourite brands like Oh-lief and Rhubard and Custard!  Petit Love also have an online shopping page. The prices are really good and best of all, they have free shipping!

They have just launched a new subscription box filled with all sorts of lovely goodies for the different stages of pregnancy and motherhood! There are seven custom boxes to enjoy on the journey from early pregnancy until your little one turns two. Customers are asked to fill in a short questionnaire on when they place their first order, to ensure that each Petit Box is tailored to suit their preferences. Each box costs R495 (apart from Hello Mom – the hospital Petit Box – which is R650) and delivery is free to anywhere in South Africa. Customers also have the option to include additional products from the Petit Love online store at any stage.

Petit Love

Two of Petite Love boxes

Hello Bump: the late pregnancy Petit Box – Enjoy this in the last trimester of your pregnancy. It has a range of products hand-picked to equip you for the arrival of your little one.

Hello World: the 3-6m Petit Box – This Petit Box is designed for babies from three to six months old, preparing you for aspects such as teething in this special time in your little one’s journey


And there’s more… if you have a baby shower coming up, or want to spoil a special friend, daughter or colleague, then you can take your pick from two gorgeous gift boxes – Hello Pregnancy and Hello Baby Box. These gift boxes cost R350 and are smaller versions of the subscription box, tailored for gifting.

petit love

“There are a million and one things to think about during pregnancy and when you’re a new mom, so we’ve hand-picked some of the most practical and sought-after products for you to try in each box,” says Betty Hardcastle, owner of Petit Love. These range from stylish toys and luxurious pamper products to practical accessories, handbooks and information cards.

One lucky winner can win a R200 voucher to use on the Petit Love website! How to enter? Like their Facebook page and say Baby Bugs ‘n Berries sent you and subscribe to their newsletter! Share and get an extra entry and for an extra entry leave a comment on my blog! Competition closes on the 19 August!

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Win Karvol products!

Win Karvol products on Baby Bugs 'n Berries

Have you ever seen a wild animal like a cheetah or a lion’s ears when they hear a rustling in the grass and you know that they have found something? I do a similar thing with my head when I hear B cough in that a simple cough because she has something in her throat or did does she have a cold?

One day it was more than a simple cough for me..I was so worried about keeping her healthy, I didn’t take care of myself!!! Enter in Karvol, these are really good products which has unique, natural, aromatic oils and ingredients like lavender oils, menthol, camphor and chlorbutol, which deliver antibacterial, antifungal and anaesthetic benefits.

There are a few products you can try:

Karvol Decongestant Capsules each contain a unique combination of natural aromatic oils, including menthol, cinnamon and pine and  gently relieves nasal congestion, head colds and bronchitis. The capsules can be used by the whole family, including babies as young as three months old

Karvol Decongestant Chest Rub is so easy to use, just add one teaspoon of the rub added to 500ml of water, or simply rubbing a moderate amount onto the neck and chest which will immediately release soothing vapours to gently relieve blocked noses or cold and flu symptoms.  It is safe for babies and young children (older than six months).

Karvol Decongestant Room Spray is a convenient and easy-to-use way to help you breathe more easily and to relieve stuffy noses. Spray the Karvol Decongestant Room Spray into a room just before bedtime or a nap. The blend of aromatic oils releases a comforting fragrance that will ease symptoms and prepare you for a peaceful sleep. It smells nice and will help you to sleep! It is suitable for adults and children over the age of two.

So here is a competition! One lucky winner can win one of each of the above products! How to enter? Name one product that you could win by commenting on the Facebook page and leave a comment on the blog for an extra entry! Competition closes 12 August!



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Free Instagram photo frame


Instagram photo frames

I decided to make a challenge for myself and my creativity so I came up with the following. I’m going to make at least one thing from each of the pins on my Pinterest board! Inexpensive,healthy or  pretty things that can be used for either myself, B or whomever I think it will be suited for!

I came across this pin on Pinterest  from the wonderful ladies at Sisters Suit Case Blog and I really liked it. I decided to make it and it was pretty easy!  It is from my Free Printable Board. It looks really effective when it is up!

Free Instagram photo frame

What you’ll need:


  • Print the PDF
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Photographs

How do to it:


  • Print the pages and cut them out. Put your photographs on the cutouts and cut them to size.
  • Glue the photographs onto the printouts
  • Voila! You are done!

Easy hey!? Enjoy!


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The Watershed Play Pad

VA Petting Zoo 5

If you are looking for something to do with your children during the holidays, why not take them to The Watershed at the V&A Waterfront?  From Saturday, 27 June to Friday 17 July 2015 between 10am and 5pm there will be lots of activities where kids can run and play off some of their energy during the holidays.

Jubilee Hall at the Watershed will be transformed into a kid’s wintery dream these school holidays, with a full programme of entertaining, stimulating and creative activities for children from ages 0 through 14 years. A once-off fee of R40 per child (no charge for parents) will cover children’s access to most of these activities for the day.

The Watershed Play Pad will include a tractor and push-bike park where children can delight in riding racing and chasing, a soft-play and ball pond aimed at children aged 0 to 3 years, and crafts and sand art activities, made possible by various craft kits available to purchase, to get the creative juices flowing.

But wait, there is more! There will be mega slides, a jumping castle, and a toddlers’ mini roller coaster for the adventurous kiddies. Children will be treated to daily shows ranging from magic and juggling to kids’ drumming. Face painters, balloon sculptors, and carnival games will also sprinkle Jubilee Hall, making for a colourful, creative kids winter.

For Teenagers there is the Teen Pad set up for socialising around a hoop ball machine, table tennis, pool and foosball tables, and a giant Connect 4 and Twister game.

There will also be a Petting Zoo for an extra R20 per person, children and adults can see their favourite furry friends and farm animals, including Guinea pigs, puppies, piglets, goats, and much more.

I am sure that the children will have a wonderful time, if you go, please let me know how you found it!

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Dear newly divorced single mom

Dear newly divorced single mom

If your heart feels like it is going to break into a million pieces, your hair looks like you haven’t washed it in a month, your eyes look like those of a goldfish from crying and a fairy stole half of the chocolate slab that was meant to be for a friends present, don’t worry, you are not alone.

Divorce is not an easy thing! There are going to be times when you feel like digging a hole and staying down there and others when you are going to feel angry. Or happy. Or ecstatic and then the whole bloody circle starts again. And all that before lunch. Like I said, you are not alone. You will learn to hate the sentence “Time heals all wounds” and feel like you need to put your biggest fake smile on.

But you know what, that’s ok. The most important lessons I learnt is that “It’s ok”. It’s ok to feel scared and wonder how you are going to cope through this let alone raise a child/children. It’s ok to realise that there isn’t another salary to help. It’s ok when women you have known when you were a couple start to shun you as if you are now going to take their men.  Feel upset, be angry and realise that its not you that they fear but their own relationships. When you see people that don’t know you are divorced, expect them to ask how your ex was and expect an awkward silence for a minute or two. They will be more embarrassed than you will be.  Yes you are going to feel embarrassed at times and for your own sanity sake, don’t go to any weddings within a month of divorce!

Its going to be hard when you go to events with your kids and your ex is not there, understand that they are also going to take time to adapt to this adjustment. In the first few months after my divorce, my daughter really struggled to deal with that but I kept reminding her that she was amazing. And in the end, that was ok too. The first weekend that your child goes to your ex is going to be hell. You will be at a loss of what to do with yourself and worry if your baby is ok. Do yourself a favour, get your girlfriends together, a bottle of wine or a movie but don’t be alone this time. Keep yourself busy or you will feel worse. I nearly decapitated a sales person in a shoe shop when I threw a boot clear across the shop after speaking to my daughter the first time she went to my ex and I heard some “interesting news”.

Your children are going to be just as confused as you are and as much as it is going to hurt, put your chin up, straighten your back and do what you need to do to get yourself and your child/children through this. I was a “slight wreck” after my divorce! My daughter, 2 at the time came to me while I was crying on the phone to a friend and said “Mommy why are you crying, can I get a plaster to make the eina better like you do for me when I have eina”? And that my dear friend, changed everything for me. If they are little they don’t understand and at night if they cry for their daddies, sister you find a way to make that pain less be it through looking at old photos or playing them an old voice recording. Make. A. Plan.

Remember this: you are still amazing, beautiful and a wonderful person. Your relationship didn’t work out. That doesn’t mean you are a failure and if you are reading this and thinking “What does she know?” I’ve been there and had to work to find who I was as a single mom and a single woman and it didn’t happen overnight! Speak to your friends as much as you can, rant, rave and remember that no feeling that you have is unjustified but please don’t put homicidal plans involving your ex into action. The pain you feel now will get better as you deal with it and work through your emotions. Trust me, time heals all wounds!

Most importantly remember this: “It’s ok”


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Weh Laka Pella giveaway

Weh Laka Pella Products

I will admit, just this once, that I am a sucker for cute logo’s an things that are different and this is what first caught my attention while walking through a market yesterday. And then it happened. I fell in love! No it was not with a cute hunky man but with Jalapeno and Lime Jelly from Weh Laka Pella

The lady at the stall started to tell me all about the different products that she sold like the Jalapeno and Lime Jelly and then she gave me some to taste….yummmmy!  Turns out, the lady was actual the mastermind behind Weh Laka Pella called Angi who started the company and has watched it grow from strength to strength. She has stalled at different markets and now boasts a client base as far as Namibia! She even has a Banting range for those that are concerned about their sugar intake!

Weh Laka Pella

She has, for now, the following different  products :

Jams: Beer Jam, Strawberry Kiwi Jam, Pina Colada Jam,  Passion-fruit Pineapple, Pineapple Orange, Cranberry onion Marmalade, Tomato Chili Jam, Chunky Fig Jam,

Sugar Free and Banting Safe: Blueberry Apple Pear Jam, Blueberry Banting, Fig Banting, Apricot Banting,  Black Cherry,

Chutney: Beetroot Chutney, Peach &Carrot, Chili Chutney,

Jelly: Lime and Jalapeno

Salad Spray: Apple Kiwi and mint Spray, Cranberry Salad Spray

Balsamic Reductions: Cranberry, blueberry , Rosemary

Weh Laka Pella

I really like her products, they are affordable (I paid R35 for my bottle of jelly!), well packaged and come in different sized bottles!  I am addicted to the Lime and Jalapeno Jelly!  I have it with cheese and it is spicy but delicious! You can contact her on 021 854 3003 or to order! She is also on Facebook if you would like to see where she is going to be next!

To spread the flavour I am having a competition with Weh Laka Pella! One lucky winner can win a bottle of Lime and Jalepeno Jelly! To enter, Like Weh Laka Pella on Facebook and leave a comment below! Share and get an extra entry! Competition closes on 3 July 2015! Get entering!

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School of Rock- ‘Rock & Roll’ Camp this winter

School of Rock

If you know me or have seen me, you might have seen me dancing down a hallway or nodding my head to music that you can’t hear. I love music but especially rock and roll, alternative or punk rock! Some of my favourite bands are Hinder, Escape the Situation, Yellowcard and Breaking Benjamin! So imagine my surprise when I found out about the School of Rock and even more amazing, their ‘Rock & Roll’ Camp!!!

The exciting Winter camp will take place from 29 June to 2 July 2015 and 13 to 16 July 2015, with daily themed lessons to be hosted at the School of Rock ‘headquarters’ in Claremont from 10am to 3pm. Kids will not only rock out to their favourite rock songs and jam-out with incredible musical instruments, but will also get to interact with other like-minded mini rock stars. How awesome is that???

The format for the camp will focus on five different musical disciplines. The daily themes include a drum crash course for would-be drummers on the Monday then you can go from Guitar zero to hero on Tuesday and focus on fine tuning your vocals with Rock Star Vocals on Wednesday and then ending-off an action-packed final day on the Thursday with Sax 101 and blazing keys.

It sounds pretty wicked and if I could, I would sign up! To enrol go to the School of Rock website:

Here is a bit more details….

Winter ‘Rock & Roll’ Camp Programme:

  • Monday: Crash Course Drums
  • Tuesday: Guitar Zero to Hero
  • Wednesday: Rock Star Vocals
  • Thursday: Sax 101 and Blazing Keys

Where: Suite 202, 2nd Floor Standard Bank Galleria, 120 Main Road, Claremont – adjacent to Cavendish Square.

Time: 10am – 3pm (Thursday Sax @ 10am – 12:30pm, Keys @ 12:30pm – 3pm)

Cost: R400 per student per day, Thursday R200 per 2.5 hour session

Contact: Leigh Spaun on 021 671 9620 or 082 412 7733 or email:

If you go, please do send a photo and I will post it to the blog and on my Facebook page! Rock on!!!!

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Soup and things to do


We’ve been having some really cold, stay in bed with a movie/book, rainy, gumboots jumping in puddles weather in Cape Town for the past few days. I’ve been feeling like Olaf from Frozen to be honest.

B is currently with her dad in Durban for 3 weeks (gulp) and I have been finding things to do to keep me distracted and busy.  Feels like a part of my soul is missing and I am counting down the days until she comes home! I have a list of 20 things that need to be completed before she comes home and one of them is to knit a hat (for Monique) and a jersey for B.  As I finish a thing, I cross it off the list and today alone I finished off 3 on it!  I am also going to be making some things and so I will make some tutorials as well.

Something that has been added to the list is to go to the Southern Sun Cape Sun Hotel’s Lunchtime Winter Warm-Up. What is it you may ask? Well it’s their bottomless winter lunchtime soup special which isn’t bad at R55 per person and comes with by a mouth-watering assortment of freshly baked bread. It’s served from 12h00-15h00 Monday to Friday until 31 August 2015 in Le Lounge at the Southern Sun Cape Sun. You can book a table on Tel: 021 488 5100. Sounds really yummy!

I’m off to find a jersey pattern on Pinterst for B, I have a “slight” addiction to it now…..





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McDonald’s new food programme

McDonald’sI really like McDonald’s food. Ok truth be told, I LOVE McDonald’s especially the Junior Cheese Burgers! B and I sometimes get a burger and fries and sit in the car or go to a nice spot and just spend time together while having lunch.

The nice thing about them is that they have just launched a new programme aimed at answering customers’ questions about where their food comes from? What’s in it? And how it is prepared?  The programme is called The ‘Know Our Food’ programme and will be delivered in a two-phased approach. In phase one, customers will be able to access answers to most commonly asked questions about McDonald’s food on a dedicated website and on Ask Google, using the Google Voice Search function on mobile devices. These include questions like: Are McDonald’s burgers 100% beef?  The website is easy to use and very interactive!

How amazing is that? I also like how they have the tray liners at the restaurant that specify how many nutrients, kilojules etc are in the different foods! As a consumer I like to be informed! All this writing about it is making me hungry! I think a “snack” will be in order…….

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Burglar and a cactus

Burglars and a cactus

If you were here you would probably hear a massive sigh! Why you may ask? Well I eventually got my laptop from the IT guy and now I can blog again. Work has been so hectic that I don’t have time to do it during the day! Hello blogging world!

B and I are good! We had some drama a few weeks back when a burglar (man) came into our house at 5am and stole my handbag, bloody hell but it was scary! ID book, wallet and drivers all gone! Luckily my car keys and my cell weren’t in the bag but most importantly, no one was harmed but it freaked us out quite a bit. We are more cautious and I’ve taught B how to dial the police as well as what to do in a case of emergency! We have also been working hard on the not talking to strangers or taking things from people that you don’t know and I must say she has been very good about it. She won’t speak to a stranger unless I do and only then when I tell her it is fine. When we were kids we were taught the same but in this world of human trafficking and kidnapping, I’ve starting teaching her how to behave if someone tries to steal her. Hmmm.

I’m on a DIY mission and I’m making things for B and me! My latest project was that I bought a bunch of tops for Bella that were really cheap (R20 each) and some material flowers and sewed them onto the tops to make them look cuter. I also have a list of things I want to make and I’m going to add a tutorial or two about them here so watch this space! I also have a new thing for cactus’s and different containers that I can put them in! So far I have one in shot glass, tea cup, red pot, rough clay pot, a “quote pot” and I just made two new containers out of wrapping paper, newspapers and tins. Will post a pic soon on it.

I also resigned from my job (queue happy music) and I am starting my new job on Monday! Super excited and I can’t wait for this new venture! Big big smiles! 3 days and counting hehehehehehehehe

Well I will blog a bit more tomorrow, have to get back into the swing of things heeheee! See you soon!


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