The brothers Grimm wrote a fantastic story about a shoemaker that would cut out the leather for the shoes to be made the next day and he would wake up the next day, there would be beautiful shoes already made on his counter. He eventually found that it was little elves that would make the shoes for him?

Where have these elves gone? Seriously, I think they have become an endangered species!!! . I remember as a kid waking up and finding new shoes and I would be all amazed and wear them everywhere! Now that I am older I realise that it was my parents that bought the shoes! Now that I Buy Bella’s shoes I suppose that I am now an elf!


How cute are these!

I would like an instruction manual from these little elves on how to get her to wear the shoes! Some of them are so cute but not a chance of her putting them on! Then again I am known for being barefoot most of the time so maybe this rubbed off on her! We recently took her to Ackermans and for the first time ever, she pointed at shoes she like, let us put them on her and she ran around the shop showing people her “new” shoes! After picking our jaws up from the ground, we bought the shoes for her and she wore them for the rest of the day! Fast forward to 3 days later when I wanted to put them on again, not a chance! Nothing had changed, the shoes where still exactly the same shoes! Bella also has quite big feet, at 16 months she is a size 4 ½ which she gets from her daddy! Um ok maybe from me too as I am a size 7.

Bella’s new shoes

This is another area that I would like to discuss with those little elves. I’m not one for shoes and my hubby has to drag me to buy shoes and try to persuade me to buy them as I try to persuade Bella to put hers on. It’s not that I don’t like shoes; I am just not prepared to spend hundreds of Rands on a pair of shoes when I can buy so many other things for the same price. But if I find a pair I like, then it is normally love at first sight and if I don’t buy them, they will plague me forever! Like the pair of blue satin high heels that my friend Nicolene wore for her wedding. Or those crimson red stilettos that have just made their way into Luella.  Had it not been for Bella, I would have bought them on the spot but I find that running after her or following her around in shops in stilettos does tend to increase ones heart rate and decrease your medical aid savings. The problem that I find and is why I want to talk to the elves, is that if I find a pair of shoes I like, it is normally in smaller sizes and the bigger sizes are all gone. Are those little elves anti-big foot people? We are people too you know! I say this with a big smile on my face as I can see a campaign starting; “bring back our shoes Elves”! I wonder if Patricia de Lille will be interested in my cause?

Stunning shoes!

I suppose I should just keep looking, I will find the bigger shoes eventually and instead of looking for the little elves, I will read Bella the story and introduce her to the fairy tale. Maybe this will encourage her to wear them or maybe I should just start wearing more shoes! Hmmm those red pumps at Woolworths are speaking elf, maybe I should go and introduce myself!



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