B and I have The Goal List and it is a fun way to keep us busy. With winter almost here I am finding that I feel very restless at the moment. Although I enjoy watching tv now and then, I get bored doing it every night and so the quest has started to find something to keep me busy.

I have a very special friend who always seems to inspire me. Besides our discussions on history, politics, the Victorian era, the royal families around the world, music and operas’s, we also talk about things that motivate us. He makes my brain work in a million ways and I love our discussions. One thing about him is that he is always trying to better himself and somehow this always seems to rub off on me.  Everyday he challenges me, without him knowing, to try harder, learn more and to achieve more. This inspired me to start The Goal List.

The Goal List makes you feel like this
The Goal List makes you feel like this

At the beginning of the month, B and I will always right a list of things or goals that we would like to do for the month. We each have our own list and as we do them we cross them off. This way, at the end of the month, we have achieved something and not having a whole month disappearing. This is part of The Goal List for May for example:

  • Loose 5kg (3kg done)
  • 5km walk with B (tick)
  • A festival (tick)
  • Tooth fixed (tick)
  • Make a headboard for B
  • Sell something from the garage (tick)
  • Design on TV

B’s list included:

  • Teddy bear tea party (tick)
  • Sleepover at a friend (tick)

As it is the 31 May it’s time to start the new list and I am on the lookout for things to do. I think it’s about time I took out the knitting needles and make a hat for myself. Or maybe knit a blanket for charity, haven’t done anything like that for a while. My creative side is feelings stifled and I think it’s time I make something. Watch this space and you can do it with me! Do you have goals?



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