Mother’s Day in South Africa this year is going to be on the 13 May 2012 and as I have been walking through the shops, I have noticed the amount of things that are being sold and the price tags attached to them! Some of the things I have seen are day-light robbery and some of the gifts have made me think that they were created by a zombie from out of space!

With the petrol price just having gone up, I am sure that there are many people and families out there feeling the crunch. While the amount might seem small, when you fill up a tank, you will feel the difference and even more so if you have a long distance to travel to work. So this got me to thinking that maybe there are a few guys or girls out there that would like to know ways to give a gift that will make the Mother getting it, feel special and not cost an arm and a leg!

  • Handwrite a letter to the Mom and tell them how you feel about them. This will mean more than any card you could ever buy. Write on some decent paper and put it in an envelope and address it to the person.
  • Buy a reasonably priced box of chocolates, some nice ribbon and ask the florist or flower seller for a loose flower or pick one from your garden. Wrap the chocolates in newspaper from the classified section and tie the ribbon around the package ending it off with a nice bow. Stick the flower into the space behind the bow and you will have a fabulous present.
  • Get a key ring that holds pictures from the discount shops like The Crazy Store and get a photograph that the Mom loves and print it. Stick it into the space provided in the key ring and voila you have a wonderful gift that they can take everywhere with them! If you have a bit more to spend, do the same with a nice photo frame and wrap it up nicely.

  • Dads, the best gift to give your wife is to let her have a sleep-in, get the kids to help you make breakfast, clean the kitchen and take it to her in bed at a reasonable time. Once she has had breakfast, run her a bath, provide her with a magazine, some coffee and if she likes doing her nails, new bottles of nail polish. Most importantly, leave her there until she feels like coming out! This may mean that you are in charge of the fort but I am sure that you are more than capable of doing so.
  • Most women have a thing for chocolate so buy a chocolate muffin mix and some cake decorating things that you will find in the baking section of the supermarket. It doesn’t have to be an expensive muffin mix but read what ingredients you will need at the back before leaving the shop. Bake her some muffins and decorate them to look cute! You don’t have to make chocolate muffins, if she loves blueberry, make that instead! Get a cute coffee mug and give them to her together so that she can use the cup and think of it whenever she uses it, she will think of it
  • If the Mom is a high maintenance type of person, get her a voucher for a spa treatment from Groupon and save yourself some money that way!

All in all the day doesn’t go about expensive gifts and luxury items, despite what all the ads tell you! You can make the perfect gift! If you aren’t sure, drop me an email via our website at and I will send you some more ideas!

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