This morning I woke up after not sleeping much last night and my first thought was “Cofffeeeee”! My second thought was “Sleep” and then I remembered something that I read yesterday that states “Legend says that if you are not asleep at night it’s because you are awake in someone else’s dream” and then I smiled! I looked for the positive and the sunshine!

With all the stuff that I have been going through I decided to go and see a professional a while back and it has helped me to deal with many of my issues! Issues that I had about money, like not spending it and being frugal! Well this young lady and her fab little girl have been to GB, Penhill, CPT, Strand and so many more places in the past week that it is crazy! I’ve realised that money is just what it is and to spend it, well that’s ok! Yes I still look around for a bargain but if I see something that I want now, stuff it, I buy it and today I am wearing my new stilettos (Charlotte would be so proud) and my new top and I feel great! B even told me I look beautiful! I am becoming more and more like the old Abbi because I am letting go of my own issues and instead of bottling them up, I am dealing with them. I am making myself challenges and working on lists of things to do and new memories that I want to make. I am going out and sometimes it amazes me how God can send someone to call or invite me out or vice versa when I least expect it and I stay busy!  That’s not to say that I am not doing things by myself when I am at home! I have started to go through my favourite and some new movies at night and so far have made a good dent on my list that I have. This week it has been The Hunger Games and Anna Karenina (I like art movies but this takes the cake, did not like it).

The professional also gave me some homework to do and I have done it and it has made me smile too. I also got anti-depressant tablets for the post-natal depression a while back and I keep forgetting to take them so I know for a fact that this happiness is not from of it! Today there is nothing that can wipe the smile off my face! Who knows what tomorrow holds but for the moment I am enjoying the “present” and what a wonderful present it is!

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  1. 🙂 Abbi – Loved today’s blog post. As a long term sufferer of depression and PTSD, I know that what an amazing feeling it is to reach that point of happiness without the dreaded medication. I am so happy to see you have reached that point. It’s a step and a step in the right direction and you’re doing it in stilettos, nog al :-P!!

    Happiness is key and I wish you and your precious little B a bountiful amount. Xx

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