Before having Bella I had heard of children having allergies but never thought that it would happen to me! Boy was I wrong! We recently found out that she is allergic to small dogs and cats and as luck would have it, we have two of the dogs and one cat!  This helped to explain all the nights when I had 3 to four hours sleep, sitting up with a little one that would wake up coughing, snotty noses and who seemed to be often sick. This had been going on for a year and while Bella can sleep at school during the day, her mum hasn’t been so lucky.

Queue my new best friend in a bottle React2Pets.  I came across the product and as I had been using their MiteFree Allergen Spray in Bella’s room to help combat her allergy to dust, I thought that I might as well try it and see what happens. The bottle comes in a selection of two colours, green or purple and the packaging is really eye catching. I did the easy to follow instructions and sprayed our entire house with it. They recommend that you stay away from the sprayed area for at least 30 minutes so off we went for some fun. The next morning when Bella called for me I went to her room, half asleep and checked the time as per usual so that I could gauge how much sleep I could still try to wrangle. It was 06:30! Bella had slept through for the first time in a year! The poor child got soooo many kisses and hugs that she must have thought I was nuts! She has since slept through for the past 7 days! I have sprayed the house again as it is recommended to do it once a week but the difference is amazing! I wish that I had found this stuff a long time ago! Allergex would wake her up at night with cramps but since using the React2 Pets, she has not had it once in the past 7 days! Best of all, I am getting in some much needed rest!

Do yourself a favour, if you know of anyone that has allergies to pets, get this product for them now and see the difference that it makes to their lives! They also have a wonderful range called SoPure which consists of disinfectants that are not harmful to you or your family and come in easy to use spray bottles. All the bottles seem to have a safety feature on the front that you can lock the spray so if little hands get hold of the bottle, they cannot use it.

For more information on the React2 Pets, MiteFree Allergen Spray  and the SoPure range, have a look at their websites:

You owe it to yourself!

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