“Read a book?” this is a sentence that I have taught Bella and although it is a very good sentence, it can make me cringe! Now you might be wondering why that is but my little girl loves to read and read and read the same books over and over. I have taken to hiding Minnie Mouse and Daisy Ducks Garden Adventure and when I go to the library to get her new books, I look for those that are not going to drive me crazy after reading them for the 100 time!  “Nikky Nook, Bam Wham, who ate Minnie Mouse’s flowers? Where is Panda? Spot jumps”, these are sentences that I have been repeating just about every night but in different orders.  I suppose it is my own fault as I am a book lover and I have read my favourite books many times, just not after each other!  I also like to show her different things in the books when we read them so that she can discover more from them as we read them.  Hmmmm, silly mum!

I have also discovered that there are many types of books out there that can also be kind of fun for adults too. I love looking at some of the pretty picture books and those that have nice felts or materials in them also make me smile.  There is such a variety out there and sometimes I have to stop myself from getting her books that are too old for her or with pages that can tear easily! Also books that she has “read” when she was younger, I have taken out again and she is so much more enthralled by them, almost asif she has never read them.

Oh well Mom, as they say, suck it up and go get another book, one without a Nikkie Nook and a Makka Pakka, one that has sentences that make sense and don’t drive you crazy! Something like Jasmine the Fairy with the glitter wings or Happy Birthday Lulu that won’t drive you crazy! Any suggestions for books that will keep me sane??

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