This weekend we had a fantastic family weekend! Oh how I wish it was Saturday again and we can get up to a lot of mischief.  It was also a weekend that reminded me of a few things and and gave me reasons to be grateful!

Rick and I believe that Bella should experience as much as she can to help her grow and so that one day she can have knowledge of so many things around her. We took her and her bucket and spade to the beach to go and build sandcastles and I packed extra clothes as I know she is like her mommy and always seems to end up in the water. When Rick and Bella started to fill the bucket with sand she loved it but when he turned it over she nearly had a paw paw and it took me a second to realize that she didn’t remember building a sandcastle last year and so didn’t know what a sandcastle was.  She didn’t understand what he was doing and probably though he was being funny and hence started getting upset. I mentioned this and when he started to explain about it, she calmed down completely, let him show her how to do it and then wanted to do it herself. This made me think, how often does one take for granted that little kids know what is a thing is especially if they have never seen it? I also thought of this as I was driving Bella to school and told her to look at the big mountains. I’m sitting here wondering if she knew what I was talking about even though she said “Wow”, because would she know what a mountain is?  If there are hundreds of things out in the road, how do you pin point what a mountain is? J

I also saw how much she has grown and how comfortable she was around the other children. Yes she does still have a few sharing issues but we are learning that “Sharing is Good” so hopefully it will pay off. We also went to my brother in-law, Steven, and had a braai with him and his girlfriend at his house and I was once again reminded of how Bella has grown to love people that are important in her life. Please note that this can irritate me at 3am when she asks for Steven or when you have a 20 minute conversation with her about when can she see him, is he coming to visit etc but she loves him a lot and he loves her in return so it is good.

So as you can see, I have a lot to be grateful for and one day when she is big I will tease her about all the crazy little things she has done as a kid and then take out the photos to show. Of course I will hide those that have her parents looking like Nana’s with her in case she uses them for blackmail too!

What do you have to be grateful for?

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