McDonald’sI really like McDonald’s food. Ok truth be told, I LOVE McDonald’s especially the Junior Cheese Burgers! B and I sometimes get a burger and fries and sit in the car or go to a nice spot and just spend time together while having lunch.

The nice thing about them is that they have just launched a new programme aimed at answering customers’ questions about where their food comes from? What’s in it? And how it is prepared?  The programme is called The ‘Know Our Food’ programme and will be delivered in a two-phased approach. In phase one, customers will be able to access answers to most commonly asked questions about McDonald’s food on a dedicated website and on Ask Google, using the Google Voice Search function on mobile devices. These include questions like: Are McDonald’s burgers 100% beef?  The website is easy to use and very interactive!

How amazing is that? I also like how they have the tray liners at the restaurant that specify how many nutrients, kilojules etc are in the different foods! As a consumer I like to be informed! All this writing about it is making me hungry! I think a “snack” will be in order…….

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