I can embarrass my hubby and friends to no end because I have this theory:  If you don’t ask you will never know the answer! Just ask!  This has led me to stopping people in malls to ask where they bought something or asking some random person how they did something  or asking about a a condition in a shop that I know applies but that others might not.

By asking I have got many things that have helped us i.e. directions to a place that my hubby was taking me to (after 2 hours of driving around like crazy people, I convinced him that it was time to ask someone!), free tickets for an Elephant Safari from a lady that I spoke to in a shop and so many other things.  Most people don’t mind you asking them things (within reason of course); some people have even smiled and seem to like the fact that someone else is taking an interest in their opinion/outfit/whatever.  This has resulted in some funny stories and once sitting on the pavement for an hour with a lady who burst into tears when I asked if she was ok! I think that now a day’s everyone is so focused on chatting via email and other social media that they forget to chat when they see someone or just to ask them a question. We rather do it through whatever medium we can think of besides talking verbally!

Today I have been very excited as by asking, I have saved myself over R350 for Bella’s party by asking if someone had cake tins and a cookie cutter that I want to use only for her party and not again. This is great for me because I can use the money elsewhere and had I not asked, I would have had to spend it! J see my theory is right! If you don’t ask you will never know the answer!

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