Mornings in our house have become a battle between wills and some days I just have to take a deep breath and smile. B has discovered that she can do things for herself and while this has always been a good thing that I encouraged, she now wants to help herself get dressed in the mornings by putting on her own pants and her panties. She even surprised me yesterday by waking up, taking her own nappy off and coming to show me what she had done!”I can do it myself!”  Another line that has developed is “I want to stay in my pyjamas for 2 minutes Mommy”, and she adds the cute little smile and holds up 2 fingers. Sometimes I let her, sometimes I don’t.

The things is that one only has so much time in the morning between getting yourself dressed, her dressed, making sure I have everything for the day including her bottle and making sure that we leave the house at a reasonable time so that she isn’t late for porridge and Morning Ring at school! She has also taken a liking to Lollos so she watches a bit of that while this mama runs like a banshee to get myself dressed!

What I have learnt through this is that one just has to have patience; there really isn’t anything else one can do! Oh and breath in and out! She has to learn how to do this and it is important for her development! So chin up, encourage her and just go with the flow, after all, she is only 2 and a half, there is still a lot of things to come like being a teenager! Gulp!

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  1. My son is 3 1/2, my daughter is almost 19 months, and I go through the same thing. It’s hard to find that line between letting them be self-sufficient/learn&grow skills, and having to clean up a big mess, or not having enough time. I always struggle with what is the right choice. My daughter wants to feed herself with her own silverware and drink from a non-sippy cup. Sometimes it’s a big mess, sometimes it is a success. If I don’t let her try (and sometimes make the mess), she will always need me to feed her. My son woke up from nap the other day, walked right past me, opened the refrigerator, pulled out the gallon jug of milk, poured it into a cup, drank it down, and repeated. He didn’t spill a drop! I told him how proud of him I was (when really inside I was crying at the loss of my little baby boy!) and what a big boy he is becoming. Fine line I tell ya, fine line! Good luck to you!!!
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