Most people love a good music festival and what is there not to love? Music, camping, great food and bands. Well there is a festival that I found out about called the Greenpop Platbos Forest Festival and it combines the above mentioned and some good old saving the environment!

The festival aims to help reconnect people with nature and promote reforestation. “Ultimately, Greenpop Platbos Reforest Fest combines a strong reforestation effort with the fun and entertainment of a music festival, using the opportunity of staying in a magical forest to inspire participants. Camping is in the ancient forest (the part that remains intact) and the planting happens on the edge that has been deforested for cultivation over the decades, “says Lauren O’Donnell
Greenpop Director.

The Reforest Fest will take place over two weekends in May and caters for families with kids – the Family Fest from 9-11 May. At the Family Fest, they’ll be planting 3000-4000 trees in the ancient Platbos Forest just outside of Gansbaai, as well as fun and educational forest activities for all ages. Tree planting, forest dancing, and a night under the stars! I think it could be a lot of fun! The Friends Fest (with a bit more of a Saturday night party vibe) from will run from 16-18 May.

The bands that will be performing are the following:

Family Fest (weekend of 9, 10, 11 May – Mother’s Day)

·      DjPure
·      Jamie Jupiter
·      Pat McKay of Two Minute Puzzle –
·      Zoe and Vusa from Zula Sound Bar –

Friends Fest (weekend of 16, 17, 18 May):

·      Lemonella
·      DJ Kimon –
·      Simon van Gend –
·      Zoe and Vusa from Zula Sound Bar –
·      TouchWood –
·      Country Conquerors –
·      Grassy Spark –
·      Bobzyouruncle

Greenpop Platbos Family Fest
You can buy tickets from Ticket Web and includes 6 meals from Friday supper to Sunday lunch (for both festivals), live bands, walks and even yoga! And it is good for the environment as you will be helping to plant a tree! For more info see Greenpop’s Facebook page


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