If you have friends with a child, the quickest way to scare them is spend time with their little one and then afterwards casually mention that you saw green snot coming out of the child’s nose. Watch for panicky or worried looks! What could green snot mean? To a parent it translates to a signal that there is either a cold or flu on the way or that there is a sinus problem. This in turn brings out memories of  sleepless nights due to coughing and blocked or running noses, getting up to test fevers and a long day at work due to being tired. Now you might be thinking “Seriously?” but yes it is a sign that something isn’t right and if you don’t start taking care of it asap, you will have a sick little one on your hands.

Before having Bella, green snot to me meant the goo that you find in colourful bottles at the toy store that stick to your hands when you pull it out and play with it. Now it means that I have to have tissues on hand or wet wipes to wipe away snot that can create a whole different mask on a Bella’s face if I don’t wipe it off and makes me think of the silver stuff that snails leave behind them as they plod along! As you can imagine, this isn’t a pretty sight!

The morale of the story is this is when you have to act; get medicine or homeopathic stuff for colds and treat it before it starts to develop properly! When I saw green snot for the first time, I didn’t act as I thought that the lady that had told me about it was pulling my leg and boy did I pay for that mistake with lots of lost sleep and sick child that took longer to get better than had I acted immediately. Now when I see it I start early and nip it in the bud and then our household gets that little bit of extra sleep that we so dearly need and the germs don’t get to take hold!


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