I can tell you just about every word to the song “If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it” by Beyonce but ask me the words to Old Mother Hubbart and the chorus will go “umm ooh , la la la”! I am discovering that as a Mom, I am supposed to know the words to these nursery rhymes, especially when Bella comes home and sings them!

I think that as we get older we tend to forget the little things that made us tick as kids. Well not everything; I still love to dance in the rain and lick the batter off the bowl when I have baked a cake! You will also have to fight me for space on a jumping castle and when it comes to candy floss, beware, I have an international license to eat it all! I still love to climb trees but I do think twice before taking any old tree on as I’m not the weight I was as a little girl! I used to love nothing more than to take a book and climb high into a tree and read there for hours on end.

Bouncing around with Bella!

When Bella, Rick and I are out and about, I have often noticed the children that walk in a row in a shop or have their hands behind their backs when looking at something as their mom said “don’t touch”. I couldn’t help myself once and although the mom gave me the Evil Eye, the smile on the little girls face outshone it! She was looking at a beautiful little fairy with the most amazing wings and I could see her pulling on her fingers as they were clasped behind her back. I went over to her and picked it up and we looked at it “together”. Who needed a MasterCard right then?

Bella “driving” her car!

The point I am trying to make is when did we forget what it feels like to be children? When we didn’t care what people thought of us and so what if there was strawberry jam in our hair!  When baking was mud pies and make up was the stuff that you would “decorate” your friends faces with. How does one get back to that point? Simple I would say. Do something once a day that you used to do as a child or better yet, do it with your child! Go and remember the words to the songs! Who knows the stress from the Rat Race or your day might just dissolve with the laughter that you will be surrounded by! Hmm…. my act for the day; to raid the treat cupboard while my hubby isn’t looking!

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