If you have kids you will know what I mean when I say that you can tidy the kitchen and come back twenty minutes later and it looks like chaos again! I also find the chaos when I have to cook, keep B entertained and still not be messy at the same time. I found  Dettol anti-bacterial wipes to work wonders for this! I have grown up with Dettol, it was used to clean sores and cuts and to make it all better. Now Dettol has branched and you get these great cleansing surface wipes which are also anti-bacterial.

It comes in a packet that looks like a wet wipe packet and essentially it looks so much like a wet wipe that even B could help clean up in the kitchen! The packet looks really great and is sealed shut quite well to stop little hands opening it.  The wet wipes can be used as a cleaning product  or as an antiseptic   and works well to clean and kill all germs. It wasn’t runny or overfilled with liquid and I was impressed with that as some wet wipes can be really sticky. It also smelt really nice and is easy to use, you just wipe the dirt away! I would recommend them to anyone and I am going to make sure that I have some in my house!

One lucky person could win a packet of the Dettol anti-bacterial wipes by entering the competition. Like Baby Bugs ‘n Berries on Facebook and leave a comment on the blog and on Facebook! for an extra entry, refer a friend! Competition closes on 31 July 2013 and is open to South Africans and those living in Europe! 🙂

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7 Comments on Dettol Cleansing Anti-bacterial wipes review

  1. I love everything with dettol. I use dettol in my family and my bath water i use dettol wipes all the time for my kids i leave the wipes out in the bathroom kitchen and the car we hate germs 🙂

  2. with 2 little boys on a farm I carry dettol in a hip flask .o) its the best stuff out there. just love it.can also remember it from childhood as yes it was used to make everything all better, i also love using it to clean toys every now and then mainly after a playdate.

  3. I love using the dettol anti bacterial wipes especially when we on the road or going to public places with an almost 2 year old I need to be extra safe 🙂

  4. Oh I would absolutely LOVE to win! On Tues it’ll be my 32 week mark and I can’t believe it is almost time to meet my little boy!!! I’m due the 24th of Sep but sheesh, I’m SO huge that I’m thinking my little one will be doing an earlier appearance 😉 Winning some Detol cleansing anti-bacterial wipes will definitely come in handy in my household!!! Holding thumbs 🙂

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