My mom has recently started with what I would call her “To do List” and has set herself a challenge for once a week or every two weeks. The two weeks ago she called all the people in her phone book that she hadn’t spoken to in ages and to catch up with them.  Listening to some of those conversations was quite funny! Then last week her thing was photographs and she took pictures with her trusty BB where ever she went.  Each and every one of them had meaning to her!

The past two weeks have been difficult for me but, it seems I  am supposed to do something with charity as things I think I have managed to pull my head out of the sand and noticed what is going on around me again! It’s almost like my own charity challenge! My friend Cupcakemummy is collecting 100 beanies for kids with cancer and the deadline is 27 April 2013. So far I’ve gotten 17 from a few friends and this helps to bring her total to 30 but I am sure that we will be able to get more. I better pull out the knitting needles again and start making some more. They don’t take long anyway! Don’t ask me to croquet that is really one craft form I have never been interested in doing!

Then I heard of this non-profit organisation called Single Parents Helping Hands that helps single parents that are not coping with keeping their families afloat! I know one of the organisers and she started telling me about this one little family where there is a dad and a 10 year old son and the dad is struggling to buy toothpaste for the two of them. My word that put me back on the shelf and made me stop whining to myself that I want sushi and it’s so expensive! Don’t get me wrong, I am not a millionaire and I know how it feels when it’s the middle of the month and all you have is 2 minute noodles in the house and you have to come up with interesting ways to make those noodles seem “fun”. I also know what it feels like not to be able to buy B those R200 books that are so cute and I B would sit for hours and read.  I asked what they needed and off I went to the grocery shop to buy soap, toothpaste and a spray deodorant for a 10 year old boy. Btw what deodorant do you buy for a little boy? Moms with boys please let me know! Anyway so got 2 soaps and 2 deodorants and Axe (?) so that at least the dad has one less worry at night.

I also have been cleaning out B’s cupboards as she has hit this grow spurt again and the once cute leggings are not like hot pants! Ok not that extreme but you get what I mean. So I bagged some of the clothes for another family that I know of and off they went to help. I do hope that they bring the little girl some fun and the mom one less thing to worry about. Hubby and I have been so blessed so we know what it feels like to be on the receiving end and it feels great to be on the giving end as well!

So I am going to challenge you to do something charitable this week, be it cleaning cupboards and giving to those in need or buying a street kid a chocolate cause he’s a kid too.  Just this 1 week do something for someone else around you! It doesn’t have to be someone you know! Let me know, after all, there is no harm in helping others!

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