I am sorry that I have been a bit quiet but this past week was a bit of a crazy one! Bella turned two on the 17 November and had an owl party as the theme. The days leading up to it where a mix of decorating cupcakes, creating an owl cake with my bestie Michelle, making sure I had enough of everything and of course, trying to get some shut eye as well!

I have been making most of the things for the party at night as I work and it was the great relief that I only had the cakes to ice and cover and not stress too much about the little things! I will admit that the morning of the party we had a mad scurry to get everything up and decorated but it looked beautiful in the end!

Bella loved her party and I think that the kids and their families had a wonderful time! I had lots for them to do with a ball pond, serperate play dough and colouring in stations as well as all of Bella’s toys that she is familiar with, out in a box for the kids to play with. The toys were all new to them!

Everytime I saw Bella, she had a cupcake in her hand and was eating icing! Besides the icing from her 1st birthday, she never eats it as she has a milk allergy! All the cakes where made with soya milk but the icing was butter icing! Thank the Lord she didn’t have a bad reaction to it later in the evening!

Over the coming days I will post tutorials on how do the party packs, cupcake toppers etc that I made for the party and to save yourself quite a bit of money in the process! I must say that I am feeling a bit lost now as I don’t have to make decorations etc but at least it went well and the weather played along with us! Heehee now to start planning the next function!

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