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Wall Art Tutorial

Wall Art Tutorial


I was inspired to post my easy Wall Art Tutorial by a friend that made a similar one for her husband for Father’s Day but with photographs of their children. She put the photographs on canvas for him  with a lovely message to go with it. It made me wake up my creative side and so here is my Wall Art Tutorial.There are so many things that one can make that don’t cost a lot but look effective and expensive.

It took me a total of about 1 hour (including drying time) and cost around R50 to make. Now B has a cute decoration for her room. She choose the pink colour and was very proud in choosing the exact shade that “matches her room”. I am not a pink fan but her room, her “rules”. Without adue, here is my Wall Art Tutorial:

Wall Art Tutorial materials:

  1. Canvas of your choice – you can buy them at any arts and craft shops
  2. Photograph or picture of your choice (I used a card from Typo)
  3. Paint colour of your choice
  4. Paint brush
  5. Glue
  6. Glossy Modge Podge
  7. Black felt pen (optional)

Wall Art Tutorial how to:

  1. Paint the canvas in the colour of your choice and leave to dryWall Art Tutorial
  2. Once the paint has dried, glue the picture onto the canvas
  3. I outlined my picture with the black felt pen to make the picture stand out more Wall Art Tutorial
  4. Paint the Modge Podge over the whole of the canvas and picture to make the picture stick longer
  5. Hang up on the wall and marvel at what you have created!

Hope you enjoyed my Wall Art Tutorial, it really is pretty simple! If you make one, you are welcome to send me a picture of it and I will post it on my blog or Facebook page for you.


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Free Instagram photo frame


Instagram photo frames

I decided to make a challenge for myself and my creativity so I came up with the following. I’m going to make at least one thing from each of the pins on my Pinterest board! Inexpensive,healthy or  pretty things that can be used for either myself, B or whomever I think it will be suited for!

I came across this pin on Pinterest  from the wonderful ladies at Sisters Suit Case Blog and I really liked it. I decided to make it and it was pretty easy!  It is from my Free Printable Board. It looks really effective when it is up!

Free Instagram photo frame

What you’ll need:


  • Print the PDF
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Photographs

How do to it:


  • Print the pages and cut them out. Put your photographs on the cutouts and cut them to size.
  • Glue the photographs onto the printouts
  • Voila! You are done!

Easy hey!? Enjoy!


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Cheaters chocolate croissants tutorial








If you come to our house on a Sunday, you will know that breakfast is kind of a big deal to me. It doesn’t have to be a giant meal but something that we can sit together and eat! I decided to make cheaters chocolate croissants on Saturday morning after my brother Steven and his Fiancé Jolana came to sleep over on Friday night.

I call these cheaters chocolate croissants tutorial as I don’t make the croissants from scratch and while I have looked at the recipes before, I don’t think I have the patience to mould all that butter and pastry. So here is my easy cheaters way….

chocolate croissant tutorial

Ingredients and tools

Makes: 9 Croissants

9 croissants

1 smooth slab of chocolate

2 cups of boiling water

1 medium sized pot

1 smaller pot that can fit into the medium sized pot or a metal bowl

1 metal tablespoon

1 sharp knife

How to do it?

Cut the croissants in half length ways with the sharp knife

Break the slab apart into blocks or different pieces and put it into the smaller pot or metal bowl

Put the stove on a medium heat and put the medium sized pot onto the stove plate. Boil the kettle and put the 2 cups of boiling water into the medium sized pot. If the pot can’t take that much water, it is fine, use what it can

Put the smaller pot/metal bowl into the medium bowl so that the hot water can melt the chocolate in the pot through its heat.  Using the spoon, stir the chocolate around in the smaller pot so that it melts. Chocolate burns really quickly so as soon as you see it is all smooth; take it of the stove immediately.

Using the metal spoon, spoon some of the chocolate into the middle of the croissant and then drizzle some of the chocolate on top. Grab a few plates and it’s ready to serve!

I made some with scrambled eggs (cooked these in the microwave to save on pots!) so that there wasn’t too much sweetness and strong coffee like the French! Hope you enjoy this!

Butterfly party packs tutorial








Last night for the first time, I went to Pilates and I actually enjoyed it! There wasn’t any of the “move into this position or that” and I actually felt like I was getting a workout! Strangely enough, today I don’t feel sore but tomorrow might be another day! I am hoping to make this into a more regular thing….hmmm.

hanging butterflies

My head has been filled with pink butterflies as I did a butterfly party for a friend! If I never see another butterfly, it may be too soon! The party was a lot of fun and the kids seemed to enjoy themselves! I did all of the décor and it took time but very easy to do. Thank heavens the wind wasn’t blowing again like the last party I did! The slight breeze made it look like the butterflies were flying above the table!

butterfly table


Here is a  butterfly party packs tutorial and they take about 30 minutes to make! The amount of paper you need depends on how many party packs you have to make. The below is for 24 party packs. You might have some over as well that you can use for other decorations.

Butterfly party packs tutorial

What you need:

Butterfly template

5 sheets of light coloured pink paper

5 sheet of darker coloured pink paper

Paper bags (I used white ones)



Cardboard from a cereal box


Tippex/correction fluid


To do:

Print out the templates for the large and small butterfly and cut them out. Trace them onto the cardboard so that you have a stiffer template to use.


Trace the large cardboard butterfly onto the dark paper and the small butterfly onto the light paper. The closer you space them, the less paper you waste and the more butterflies you get out.


Cut out all of the butterflies that you have traced. Using the tippex, put small dots all along the smaller butterflies wings to make them stand out more. Leave them to dry.


Glue the large butterfly to the paper bag and leave it to dry. Once the glue is dry, fold the smaller butterflies wings in half with the dot side on the inside and then put some glue down the middle of the opposite side (without dots). Put this glue part down in the centre of the bigger butterfly.

Leave it to dry and then you can pack all your sweets, chips etc inside.


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Free Love Coupons printable

Free Love Coupons printable

Free Love Coupons printable

Valentine’s Day is almost here and it is a day or time you can be assured that everything will cost more, especially flowers! Wait till the 15 Feb and the rose that cost you R20 on the 14th will cost you R10!With prices being so high and budgets often being so long, I made a Free Love Coupons printable that you can use for Valentine’s Day or any other day!

Free Love Coupons printable can be printed in colour or in black and white, depending on your budget or your printer. I printed the black and white ones and made them prettier by colouring them in and putting them onto pretty paper. The craft shops and paper shops tend to have really nice paper and you can use that too! You can dolly it up in any way!

love coupon booklet printable


Time to do: 15 minutes

Cost:  about R10 depending on the paper and ribbon you use.

Free Love Coupons printable materials

Print either Black and White Love coupons or Coloured Love Coupons xoxo

White paper


Coloured paper or stockcard



Ribbon or raffia

To Make:

Print the coupons onto the white paper and cut them out. You can colour in the hearts if you printed it out in black and white.

Glue the coupons onto the colour paper of your choice and remember to leave a space on the left hand side so that you can make the “binding “of the booklet. I used a black marker pen to make designs on the booklet as well to make it stand out more but this is up to you.

Use the punch, make two holes on the left hand side that you kept open.

Thread the raffia or ribbon through the hole to make a booklet.  You can either tie a knot and a bow on the front or on the back just tie a knot.

Give it to the person you love!

signature try out




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Fairy wand tutorial

Fairy Wand Tutorial

Fairy wands are easy to make and here is my Fairy Wand Tutorial. I have been making these wands for a friend’s daughter who turns 7 tomorrow and is having a fairy themed party! They are really cheap and easy to do and make any little girl smile!

What you need for the Fairy Wand Tutorial:

Dowel sticks (long thin sticks that you can get at a hardware store and are used to mix paint with)

Coloured ribbon

White/colour that you want your sticks paint (any kind will do but I used white craft acrylic paint)

Coloured cardboard in the colour that you want the wand to be

Glitter in the colour that you want the wand to be


Craft glue

Clothing pens

Small paint brush

Newspaper or old paper

Strong adhesive glue (optional)

Fairy Wand Tutorial
Fairy Wand Tutorial


Fairy Wand Tutorial:

When you buy the dowel sticks from the hardware store, save yourself some time and ask them to cut them for you. You don’t want them to be too thin so take one that is reasonably easy to hold and imagine a child holding them. They are around R2.50 a stick and you can get about 3 out of one stick. If you don’t have time for them to cut it and you are going to do it at home, use a serrated knife as it is easier and makes a cleaner line than a non-serrated knife.

Paint the sticks and leave them to dry. I did two coats per stick

Either trace or print the stars onto the coloured cardboard and cut them out using the scissors. If you are going to make a double sided wand, you will need two spars per wand. Take the craft glue and trace the sides of the paper that will be on the inside of the star. Put out the newspaper or old paper where you are going to work so that you can catch any glitter that falls.

With the next two steps, do one star at a time so that the star looks brilliant. Use a metal spoon to smooth the glue over the whole of the star so that there are no open spaces. If there are spaces open, that is where there will be no glitter. Keep checking that the glue doesn’t dry on the spoon as it will affect how the glue spreads. If it dries too quickly, swop it for another spoon.

Hold the card at a slant and sprinkle the glitter over the glue covered star and make sure that all of the paper is covered. Tap any excess glitter into a bowl or container if needed. Put them down on a flat surface so that they can dry properly. If you find that they lift slightly at the edges then put a heavy book on them and leave them for about 20 minutes to dry.

By this time your dowel sticks should  be dry so cut the ribbon to the length that you would like it, leaving a little bit extra for the knot that you need to tie. Tie a double knot around the stick and then stick it onto the star using the sticky tape.

Once your stars have dried take your craft glue and trace the inside of the star where there is no glitter and glue the two stars together. I found that Bostik Gel Adhesive worked really quickly and well doing this part.  Squirt some glue between the join where the ribbon and the paper meet and use a washing peg to hold it in place. Leave to dry

If there is any paper that didn’t match up when you where gluing it, don’t worry, just trim it when you are finished!

And enjoy!


An owl cupcake topper tutorial








Making a cupcake topper is really easy and doesn’t take long to make! You can use any image  that you want to and follow the tutorial as below. Here is an owl cupcake topper tutorial! I got the image from here and comes from Impromptu Parties I will add it as a pdf so it is easier to download and all you need to do is print!

You will need:

Paper or cardboard that you want to print the image onto (cardboard works really well). Get the image Owl Cupcake Topper


Glue (I found adhesive glue to work best like Bostik Gel Glue)


How to do it:


Print the picture onto the paper or card that you want the image on. I used a paper that was thicker than normal paper, like a cardboard type, so that the image would stay straight up and not fall down.

Cut the image out using your scissors. I left a little of the blue rim around the oval white to give it more of an effect

Make sure that your picture is the right way up (i.e. owls head at the top) and put a dot of glue on the back of the picture. Place a toothpick on the glue and make sure that the image is straight up and not slanting. Hold for a few seconds and then leave it on a flat surface to dry!

Please do send me pictures of how it came out and I will add them here for you!



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A tutorial on how to paint canvas shoes








I have a pair of canvas camouflage pumps that are really comfy to wear but not something the kind of shoes that you can wear them with anything because of their colour. So this got me thinking and off I went to the craft shop to get some fabric paint. Here is a quite 20 minute tutorial to paint your canvas shoes!

What you need:

Fabric paint in the colour that you need (check with the shop assistants if you need heat to set the colour)

A paint brush this a small brush on the front so that you can get to the tiny gaps

A hairdryer (if your paint needs to be heat activated to dry)


What to do:

Make sure that your shoes are clean and have no dust or mud on them

Spread the newspaper over the area that you will be working on so that you don’t mess

Holding your hand in the shoe, paint the shoe being careful not to go over any edges that have trimmings

Once you have finished paining your shoe, either leave it to dry or use the hairdryer on a hot setting to dry the paint and make it stay longer and you are done.

I gave mine another coat a week later to make it extra black! Please do send me pics of your “new shoes” if you do it!


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Tissue Paper Pom Poms Tutorial








Tissue Paper Pom Poms

With Bella’s birthday party coming up, I’m not planning on spending loads of money on decorations etc so I have been making them myself. Here is how I made a tissue paper Pom Poms! Much easier than it looks and takes about 15 minutes to make one and they are really cheap!

You need to make one big Pom Poms:

10 sheets of Tissue paper (the more sheets you add, the bigger the Pom Poms)

1 piece of florist wire (a sturdier kind is better)

Ribbon (It should be the length that you want your Pom Poms to hang)


How to do it:

Put all the pieced of tissue paper on top of each other

Fold them over as you would for a Chinese Fan or an Accordion fold and run your hand over the fold to make it quite sharp. The tighter or smaller you fold them the more definition it will have when you open it.

Once it is all folded, lift up the tissue paper and place the florist wire underneath it. Place your finger on top of the middle of the fan so that it doesn’t come undone and using the florist wire, bend it around  the tissue paper where your finger was holding it down and then bend it around the otherwise in a knot shape.

Take the ribbon and attached to the wire by making a knot around the wire. Make sure that you make it very tight so that it does not come loose when hanging.

Take your scissors and cut the tops of the tissue paper in a half moon shape from one side to the other so that when you open the tissue paper, it creates that interesting ball shape.

Slowly separate the pieces of tissue paper from each other, separating them as close to the wire as possible. Don’t be hasty here as they tissue paper can tear and leave holes.

And Voila! You have a tissue paper Pom Poms! Use the ribbon to hang it up where ever you want it to be!


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How to make a fridge magnet!








Bella loves helping out in the kitchen and I have all these cute little magnets for her to look at and play with while I am busy. The only problem is, I think she is starting to get bored of them so I decided to make her some new ones.

You will need:

Picture of your choice


Craft glue

Strip of magnet

How to do it

Print your picure in colour. I took pictures that I Googled and printed them in colour

Cut out your picture to the shape that you want it

Laminiate the picture so that it doesn’t get ruined or damaged

Cut the magnet to fit the size of your picture and use your craft glue to stick it down


Voila! Stick it to your fridge and let your little one have hours of fun!

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A Minnie Mouse tutorial – how to make a Minnie Mouse container








This Minnie Mouse tutorial can be used for any container that you would like to decorate. It is very easy to do and very cost effective for gifts, household things as well as cupcake toppers.

You will need:

  • Minnie Mouse image found here
  • Container that you would like to decorate
  • Coloured paper/stock card of your choice according to the amount of containers you wish to decorate (I used 1 piece of pink paper)
  • Coloured ribbon ( I used polka dots to go with Minnie Mouse’s hair bow and used 1.5m of ribbon for the 3 containers)
  • pencil
  • Craft glue that when dry is transparent
  • Normal glue
  • Fine glitter
  • A piece of paper for when using the glitter
  • Scissors
  • Pretty bead (use with caution if for smaller children)
  • Clothing line peg

How to do it:

  1. Colour print the Minnie Mouse images. There are 5 on the page and I only needed three so I used so crop the images and use what I needed. If like me you don’t have a colour printer, email or put the images onto a flash drive and take it to an internet café or printing shop. It does increase your costs slightly but will look better than in black and white.
  2. Cut out the Minnie Mouse images
  3. Trace the top of your containers lid onto the coloured paper with a pencil
  4. Cut out the shape that you traced and use the normal glue to glue the Mini Mouse images onto the coloured paper, leaving a slight border between the two.
  5. Put the picture onto another piece of paper so that it is easier to catch the glitter when you use it.
  6. Using your craft glue, make slight dots in the places that you would like to put the glitter on the Minnie Mouse picture. I put dots on the circle around Minnie Mouse as well as on her bow.
  7. Sprinkle the glitter over the glue and wait for about 30 seconds for it to dry before shaking the excess glitter off. You can then use the paper to put the excess glitter back into its bottle.



8. Using the craft glue again, make dots on the container lid where you would like the  Minnie  Mouse circle to be and stick the circle onto it. Leave it to dry thoroughly. You can use the back of the pencil to lightly smooth any bubbles that may be created by the glue.

9. Take the ribbon and tie it quite tightly around the container so that it does not fall off and make a bow at the end.

10. This step is not necessary but does give it a nice sparkle. Please take the child’s age into consideration and do not use any beads that are easy to swallow. Using the craft glue put a glue dot on the centre of the bow and place your bead onto the glue dot. Use the peg to help fasten it to the ribbon. Wait until it is dry before removing the peg

I put play dough into it for a gift but you can use it to put anything in. You can also use the above steps with a different character besides Minnie Mouse.

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Make-up, Cream and all things girly!

Look at me Mum…………

Make up. I find that there is a before and after mom makeup routine! Before Bella I never used to take long putting my make-up on but I had time to do eyeliner and fuss a little. Now I have spare mascara in the car as sometimes I get to work and realise that I forgot to put it on! There have also been many times when I just don’t have time to put it on at home and end up putting it on in the car! Last week I walked past a lady in her car putting her make up on while parked and she looked up at me with one eye done and the other looking quite bare! I smiled at her and laughed when I saw the car seat in the back! She glared at me and when I said “That’s the best place to put it on, I’m a mom too!” she started smiling and laughing and it made both our mornings! We were not alone in this!

Make up has also made me realise how Bella watches me without me knowing! One morning I left my eye shadow compact on my pedestal   and left the room to go and do something. When I came back, there was Little Miss with my eye shadow compact pulling it open! I tried to take it away but oh no! She wanted to be like me so I figured let her try and see what she does! She took her index finger and rubbed it on the different colours and tried to “put” it on her eyes. Needless to say it she did get some on her eyelid..and her cheek….and her nose…and her hair and some ended up on her clothes as well! I had to draw the line when she made a beeline for my mascara!! Funnily enough this morning while she was playing my jewellery box, she came across my old mascara that I have there in case I can’t find my other one. I turned around to get something and when I turned back she had unscrewed it and had rubbed it along her cheek!!!! I foresaw black everywhere and took it away from her nicely!  She carried on with the rest of my jewellery instead but I now know to hide all mascaras (in a place I will remember where I hid them!!!).  Little Miss also loves to stick her fingers in my lip gloss and to be honest, while sitting in a queue for a bank; this has entertained her for quite some time! It’s one of those “treasures” that have escaped out of my bag when I don’t have toys with to keep her busy!

Watching Mom!









Cream is now another one of her favourites and I don’t put that on every day! She likes to try to open the bottle or tube, rub some on her hands and then get it EVERYWHERE! I mean on her clothes, her face, her legs, her hands and one of her favourites, rubbing it in her hair!!! Cream has been a little thing to keep her busy if I have to get dressed etc. but when she puts it in her hair and she looks like a grease ball, I often wonder what the other moms at crèche think of me! I do wash her hair, honest!

This makes me realise that everything that I do, she is watching and although it doesn’t seem like it, her baby blues are seeing and paying attention! This morning I saw her aim for my nail polish………

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